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FALIT Failure Analysis Laser Inspection Tool
IC Decap and Failure Analysis processing perfected. Safe, Reliable, Results.
Our patented FALIT technology provides clean, accurate laser IC Decapsulation, and more.
The FA-LIT (pronounced "F-A-Light") was specifically designed with the Semiconductor Failure Analysis Lab in mind. This system utilizes and incorporates industry standard testing methods to solve the problems faced everyday in the Semiconductor Industry. The FA utilizes a patented laser process with multiple laser configurations and wavelengths to provide clear and precise samples for every type of application. The FA-LIT allows a safer, faster and more accurate method for Failure Analysis applications processing.
Layer-By-Layer Decapsulation
Decapsulation (Decap) is a process that most Failure Analysis labs use on a routine basis. The FA-LIT uses our patented laser technology to allow an operator to remove individual layers of the mold compound all the way through the lead frames to the substrate. The entire process is 100% controllable by the operator through our Graphic User Interface. The FA-LIT laser can accurately remove the entire compound, individual layers, or sections of the mold compound (operator defined). The FA-LIT offers a safe and more accurate process for IC decapsulation.
Diamond saws and other mechanical methods of cross-sectioning put physical stress into a part. It is then difficult to determine whether the defect (such as delamination) was already there or caused by the process itself. Laser cutting presents no such problem. There is no mechanical force introduced with a laser. Therefore, cross-sections can be made much closer to the actual defect diminishing the polishing time or in many cases eliminating polishing altogether.
Component Delidding
Lids and covers over components that need to be analyzed have always been a problem in the Failure Analysis Lab. Mechanical micro routers can damage internal parts, require complicated fixturing, and even destroy samples. With the FA Laser this process is quick, simple, and successful. A Green laser (532nm) can be used to cut the top of a lid completely off. IR laser energy can be used to heat adhesive areas to easily remove covers.
Gel Removal Down to the Die
More and more ICs are using a clear gel to cover the die. These gels can not be removed with chemicals or even standard old methods of laser decapsulation. Our brand new developments have enabled us to cleanly remove gel all the way to the die with amazing results. This allows us to laser process within seconds compared to hours and days when using other methods of removal. With gel becoming more popular, our FA-LIT Gel system becomes the best tool for the job.
Large Filler Mold Compounds for Copper
We've recently developed an additional patent pending technique for removing the newer mold compounds associated with copper wires and bonds. This compound typically has larger fillers and more filler material making it difficult even for laser decapping. The greater laser power required to remove this new compound can sometimes damage very small wires or leave excess compound around the wires. Our new process totally eliminates this problem and can even enhance results on traditional mold compounds.
Laser Marking Studio™ (LMS) is a full featured laser interface software designed for simple and responsive control of a new CLC laser marking system.
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Features and Benefits:

  •   Ideal Solution for IC Decapsulation, Gel Removal, Cross-Sectioning, and Delidding Components.

  •   Cleanly remove layers of mold compound using laser technology rather than the traditional unsafe Acid process.

  •   Expose Wire Bonds without Damage to other components.

  •   Air-cooled (all models).

  •   Integrated safety shutter to avoid potential beam exposure.

  •   FA-Lit Laser Software interface included.
    Fully featured, GUI for Failure Analysis.

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CDRH warning logotypes, similar to that shown here, appear on each laser system to indicate the CDRH classification and the output power of the laser. These logotypes are not required for Class-1 Laser Products.

Control Laser Corporation has a policy of continuous product research and improvement and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.
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