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2016 Blade Show: Control Laser will be there!

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 31, 2016 Contact: Lance Fordham Control Laser Corporation 407-926-3500 Blade Show 2016: Where lasers meet knives and other tactical gear. Atlanta, GA - Control Laser Corporation (CLC) will be joining their sponsors and corporate partners at the 2016 Blade Show in Atlanta Georgia from June 3 through June 5. The booths of Keybar…

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Staying Busy at the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (Continued)

Control Laser's booth has been one of the most popular during the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo at Wisconsin Center as people come to check out the latest in wire marking and wire stripping innovation. As industry leaders in cutting-edge laser wire marking and wire stripping systems, Control Laser tackles even the most complex wire issues through understanding these…

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CLC is at the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo 2016

Control Laser is at the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo 2016 showcasing our new AeroMark™ laser wire and tag marking systems. We're setting up now! Control Laser has laser wire stripping and slitting technology that removes tough wire insulation without any damage to the wire underneath. Our handheld and benchtop systems have been widely used by the aerospace and automotive…

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New Corporate Partner: Dodco, Inc.

Dodco, Inc. ( ) has become our latest to join our corporate partnership program. This article describes this program in detail, but essentially this is a mutually beneficial program bringing together customers and potential customers/partners, in an effort to further our business relationship. And that's exactly what it is when you buy a laser system from CLC: a business…

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New Corporate Partner: Check All Valve

Check All Valve ( became our latest customer to join our corporate partnership program. This program builds business relationships between potential customers (prospects) and CLC as well as between prospects and current customers by allowing those prospects to come into our partner's plant to see our systems working in a real-world environment. Sometimes when deciding on making a substantial purchase…

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New! Fiber Laser Engraver Machine with Mark-and-Move™ Traveling Galvohead, Compare to Epilog

Our customers have asked us why we have such small lasing fields when comparing the laser engraving machines from companies like Epilog, Boss and Trotec, where their flatbed lasers have very large lasing areas. The reason we have used up until now is that our systems are much faster than the aforementioned systems in terms of the number of part…

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From Design to Production, Using Laser Marking Studio (LMS) is Easy, and Efficient

One of the great things about our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser system is the software package that comes with it. Laser Marking Studio (LMS) was developed in our CLC facility to meet the demands of multi-industry customers. It is the laser software package that all other laser companies try to imitate because it is such an easy-to-use, and versatile, the package…

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A Sneak Peek at CLC’s latest laser micro-welder

Today our service department received training on our latest version of the laser micro-welder, distributed by American Laser Welding. This laser welder is capable of achieving a 45-Joule pulse, and, with a customizable spot size, the laser can be tuned to the process. For fine jewelry welding, one can select a smaller spot size and lower pulse energy. For welding…

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