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Keybar: Our latest satisfied customer of the Tactical ArmsMark™ Laser marking and engraving system

Late last year, 2015, a bunch of us here at CLC got together and decided that we were going to engineer a couple of systems for the tactical arms and related equipment industry. Control Laser has a history of providing firearms and knife manufacturers laser marking and engraving systems; all of the big names in gun and knife manufacturing depend…

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New! Tactical ArmsMark™ – A Laser Marking and Engraving System for guns, knives, and other tactical gear

We're proud to announce our latest Control Laser line of products, Tactical ArmsMark™. This line was specially engineered for marking and deep engraving on weapons such as guns, rifles, knives, and other tactical gear. Not only have these systems been engineered specifically for arms marking and engraving, but we also developed a few applications that will make your customers wish…

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CLC Completes Sales Representative Meeting in Orlando, FL

Sales representatives from all territories were invited to attend the CLC sales rep training in Orlando, Florida CLC management and key employees created presentations showing their work at CLC, thus showing what sets CLC apart from everyone else The wrap-up at the end of the meeting allowed for all of the sales representatives to ask questions to key CLC staff…

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Control Laser Partners with Dipaul «Диполь» Company as the Exclusive Distributor for Russia

In May 2015, Control Laser Corporation (USA) and Dipaul «Диполь» Company (Russia) signed a partnership agreement that makes Dipaul the exclusive distributor in Russia for CLC's laser systems including the NoNic™ handheld and NoNic™ Benchtop wire stripping machines, the FALIT™ laser decapsulation system for semiconductor failure analysis, and our vast array of industrial laser marking and engraving systems. This agreement…

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Can You Do It??

Can You Do It?? This question or various forms of the question are something that we receive on the regular. The answer most often is a resounding “Yes!” commonly followed by: “in fact, we have actually pioneered this method.” Laser technology has come such a long way in such a short period of time and Control Laser Corp. has been…

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New Website Announcement!

50-Years of Lasing As Control Laser Corporation celebrates our 50-year anniversary, we bring to you a new face of our internet presence. Keeping in mind that service after the sale is one reason why so many of our customers are repeat customers, our president, Renjie "Rodger" Liu, had the vision of creating a web space where a sharing of knowledge…

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