Pioneering and Advancing Laser Cross-section Technology

Our latest laser cross-sectioning technology brings to the industry the ability to perform cross-sections without the need for post-processing, in many cases. Control Laser pioneered the ability to cross-section a semiconductor many years ago and we continue to pursue the advancement of this technology for our customers. With hundreds of FALIT® systems in labs all over the world, we have the unique opportunity to get a better idea about what our customers are looking for, and then deliver technology that can help them.

New Laser Cross-sectioning Technology, Precision Results Faster

The traditional method for removing a suspected failed semiconductor from a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is to use a diamond saw and completely destroy the PCB to get to one part that may be in the center of the board. What if the component suspected eventually turns out to be okay? Well, the PCB is now destroyed so checking other parts is out of the question. With the Control Laser FALIT® Duo™ laser cross-sectioning technology, we can precisely remove a part from a PCB without damaging the soldered connections under the part, if it is a BGA, nor any adjacent parts within ~20-microns of the suspected semiconductor. Once the still-mounted part is removed from the motherboard, the same cross-sectioning laser can then cut through both the semiconductor and the PCB so that the solder balls of the BGA can be inspected for adhesion. The cut is made directly through the solder ball without causing it to reflow which means that the inspection can occur directly after being laser processed, without any secondary polishing.

FALIT® Duo™ Laser Cross-Sectioning Advantages:

  • From Populated PCB to singulated and mounted part within minutes
  • Zero post-processing required for this application
  • Cut directly through the suspected solder ball without causing solder reflow
  • Optimized laser wavelength to reduce heat-affect anomalies
  • Zero mechanical stress induced by the laser process

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