Micro Text Marking with a UV Laser

Our applications lab received a sample for marking microscopic text onto the metal. Microscopic text is best marked with a UV laser because of the spot size of the UV wavelength. This process is used by many manufacturers for anti-counterfeiting purposes or for materials needing this type of application. [caption id="attachment_5106" align="alignleft" width="500"] Figure 1b - UV Laser Micro Text Height…

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Application Spotlight: Food Label Laser Coding | PACK EXPO 2016

PACK EXPO 2016: Food Label Laser Coders Control Laser is at booth E-9314 of PACK EXPO 2016 demonstrating our LaserJetMark™ on-the-fly food label laser coders. These conveyor-based lasers mark food expiration dates, lot codes, and other regulation and useful coding without stopping the product. One of the best advantages to our laser solutions is that they don't require expensive inks…

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Application Spotlight: Laser Coding Aluminum Beverage Cans | PACK EXPO 2016

PACK EXPO 2016: Laser Coding Aluminum Beverage Cans Control Laser is at booth E-9314 of PACK EXPO 2016. Come by and join us today as we demonstrate our latest innovations, including our LaserJetMark™ Laser Coders. Our on-the-fly LaserJetMark™ laser coders can laser mark nearly any material as we offer a full range of laser wavelengths and power levels with capabilities…

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From Design to Production, Using Laser Marking Studio (LMS) is Easy, and Efficient

One of the great things about our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser system is the software package that comes with it. Laser Marking Studio (LMS) was developed in our CLC facility to meet the demands of multi-industry customers. It is the laser software package that all other laser companies try to imitate because it is such an easy-to-use, and versatile, the package…

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A Sneak Peek at CLC’s latest laser micro-welder

Today our service department received training on our latest version of the laser micro-welder, distributed by American Laser Welding. This laser welder is capable of achieving a 45-Joule pulse, and, with a customizable spot size, the laser can be tuned to the process. For fine jewelry welding, one can select a smaller spot size and lower pulse energy. For welding…

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