Introducing LaserJetMark™ on-the-fly Laser Coders at PACK EXPO 2016

The LaserJetMark™ laser coding systems are the latest in high-precision, high-production laser coders from Control Laser. With conveyor of speeds up to 1970 ft/min. (600m/min.), and our full spectrum of laser wavelengths to choose from, we can quickly and precisely code products on nearly any conveyor production system and for any material type, including plastics like HDPE, PETE, PET, PP, Aluminum, Steel, composites, and many more.

True On-The-Fly Laser Coding

LaserJetMark™ On-the-fly Laser Marker Example

The Control Laser advantage is that our laser coding systems never stop the product while being marked. This is a stark contrast to other technologies that require the part be stopped and held in place before it can be marked. Keeping the product moving means more product out the door for you and an edge over your competition. Over 51-years in business, Control Laser was built on industrial manufacturing customers who pushed us beyond the limits of present technology. With our parent company, Han*s Laser being the largest laser manufacturing company in the world, and the over 8,000-employees worldwide, we’re the only company that can offer this high-precision, high-production technology at an affordable price, with local sales and service.

Service Centers in USA, Europe, and Asia: Local Service When and Where You Need It

Our global economy has allowed us the ability to offer the very best technology at reasonable prices while also providing the necessary service after the sale. Being a company dedicated to industrial manufacturing, Control Laser understands how important it is to keep production lines going. Our dedicated in-house team of service engineers are ready to take your call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and are ready to assist you in the unlikely event that you have a problem.

PACK EXPO 2016: Stop By Booth E-9314

Stop by Control Laser’s booth, E-9314, and talk to our president, Renjie “Rodger” Liu, our corporate sales manager, Warren “Pat” Ryan, and one of our laser scientists, Nishant Pandya, on how we can deliver a full on-the-fly laser coding solution.

Here’s a preview of some of our prices and laser coder systems.

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