Let’s face it, not everybody can afford the actual Damascus steel knives, guns, and other cool gadgets so why not have the next best thing? Using our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving system, and some creative work at the computer, we can import the pattern into our Laser Marking Studio laser software, focus the laser properly, and hit go. For a 4-inch knife, the laser takes just over 4-minutes to complete, so about 1-minute per inch of knife or gun. The results are stunning! Some of our employees, including myself, could not believe our eyes at how real it looked.

Check out the laser in action on our Instagram Page:

#Damascus #steel design with our #Tactical ArmsMark #lasermarking system! #blade #knife

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If you’re a gun shop or a tactical gear customizer, you, too, can offer your customers these same results as shown here. Our Tactical ArmsMark™ line of laser engraving systems are specifically engineered, right here in the USA, to make all sorts of customization on both metal and wood. One must only bring their imagination.

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