Inkscape is a powerful open-source vector program that opens up a lot of opportunities for those needing a software program comparable to CorelDraw. In CorelDraw, there is a nice feature that is quite popular among jewelry and sign makers called “Weld”. This feature allows for text to be put together so that there are no lines within the boundaries of each letter; there is a continuous outline without boundaries where the letters overlap. In Inkscape, and at first glance, it’s not immediately clear about how to weld the letters together in the same way as they are welded in CorelDraw. This post is intended to be a quick guide that can help.

  1. Begin by opening Inkscape and adding text to the canvas using the text tool.
  2. Select the text and, while highlighted, click on the Path menu, then select “Object to Path”
  3. Inkscape Object To PathClick on the View Menu, go to Display Mode, and select Outline
  4. While the object is highlighted, select the Object menu and click Ungroup.
    Inkscape Ungroup
  5. Now that the text object is ungrouped, we can move the individual letters as we wish.
  6. Inkscape Ungrouped TextArrange the letters as you wish and then from the Path menu, select Union.Inkscape Union
  7. Once complete, you can see what the end result is here:
    Inkscape Unionized Text

Now, there is a continuous outline which is good for making jewelry and signs where the letters need to stick together. Tell us in the comments if you have any tips and tricks that are main features in Corel, but are maybe obscure in Inkscape.

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