May 31, 2016

Marketing Specialist
Control Laser Corporation

Blade Show 2016: Where lasers meet knives and other tactical gear.

Atlanta, GA – Control Laser Corporation (CLC) will be joining their sponsors and corporate partners at the 2016 Blade Show in Atlanta Georgia from June 3 through June 5. The booths of Keybar (booth 326), Hell-Bent Holsters (booth 327), and Mantis Knives (booth 400) will each have one of our latest models of Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving systems and CLC staff on-hand to answer questions, and mark and engrave on purchases.

Many people wonder how a knife is marked or engraved, so at this show, we’ll be able to show everyone that Control Laser has been the name behind the mark for many years. We’ve been engraving freedom since 1973 when we entered the tactical arms marking business, and with our new Tactical ArmsMark™ systems, we anticipate that we’ll be doing it for much longer.“, says the salesman in Control Laser.

The Tactical ArmsMark™ systems have been specifically engineered for marking and engraving on firearms, knives, and other tactical gear using the latest in laser technology. The laser engraving from these systems is ATF and NFA compliant and are used by the biggest names in the firearms and tactical gear industry. The Tactical ArmsMark™ systems vary in price from $32,900 to $111,987, depending upon customization options. The systems on display at the show are priced at $59,880.

Control Laser will also have a table at the 2016 Blade Show (table U18), showcasing the lower-cost, consumer-grade, fiber laser marking system. The handywriter, a standard system, is capable of surface marking on knives and guns within a 4-inch field. This system is priced at $11,799 with $699.00 shipping, available only in the U.S.A financing officer will be on-site to process financing applications.


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