Our sales representative, GAOTEC Solutions, is at NEPCON 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, for the number one show for electronics parts manufacturing in ASEAN. GAOTEC Solutions will be showcasing our FALIT laser semiconductor decapsulation system which precisely etches away the mold compound of semiconductors to allow for failure analysis of these semiconductors. Using this FALIT system, a company can reduce the acid etching requirements, thus reduce costs and become more environmentally friendly.

In addition to demonstrating the ease and precise etching with our FALIT, GAOTEC Solutions will also have information about our wide array of laser marking systems such as our Instamark™ and the Tactical ArmsMark™ laser marking and engraving systems.

Stop by booth 6D20 and talk with Ravin and CH Kor about these exceptional capabilities. I know Ravin has been in this industry for many years and is very skilled in helping customers find the right solutions for their business.

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