Control Laser has been the leading laser marking system and engraving machine manufacturer in the aerospace industry for over 38-years. Today, we put a name to the technology as we launch the AeroMark™ laser marking system & engraving machine line of laser products.

Aerospace Laser Applications

The aerospace industry uses lasers for many tasks, including:

  • Avionics panel engraving
  • DoD UID compliant marking
  • FAA Compliant Wire Marking
  • Traceability and Verification 1D, 2D, and DataMatrix Coding
  • Serialization of aircraft parts on data tags, plates, and even the aircraft part itself

The Control Laser AeroMark™ laser engraving machine line covers all of these applications and more. Our industrial-strength laser sources have many hours of proven service in high-production environments. Production plants depend on Control Laser because we’ve provided them with reliable solutions for over 50-years.

Industrial Automation

Control Laser has been industrial automation experts in laser applications for many years, with customers needing both simple and complex laser integration. Our powerful Laser Marking Studio™ (LMS) software comes equipped ready to implement Opto 22, OPC, Profibus, Gem Secs, or SMEMA automation protocols, along with others.

Perfect Panel™ Laser Marking System

The Perfect Panel™ laser marking system is a special version of the AeroMark™ product line that allows lasing full back-lit avionics panels with our proprietary tiling software and matched laser-lens configurations increasing precision while decreasing cycle-time. Now, it is even easier than ever to create custom avionics panels in little time with the highest quality.

AeroMark™ Backlit Aircraft Control Panel
Backlit Avionics Control Panels
AeroMark™ Backlit Aircraft Control Panel
Backlit Avionics Control Panels
Fiber Laser Marking Backlit Text Panel
Backlit Text Marking

Laser Workstation Options

Control Laser has a number of production-ready laser workstations available for the AeroMark™ laser markers. From small desktop systems, to full-blown automated towers and dial-index workstations, we have an option for your application. We also have an in-house engineering team covering software, electrical, and mechanical needs as our customers specify. There’s nothing you can’t do with Control Laser as your production partner.

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