Classy Raptor Tactical made a visit to our facility for training and acceptance of their new 50-watt Tactical ArmsMark™ fiber laser engraving machine. They are well known on instagram for their custom-designed glock back plates and will be using their new system for custom work and new products. Veteran owned, and based out of Texas, Classy Raptor Tactical can expand their line of products and services by utilizing the speed and software of their new laser marking and engraving system.

The System

The Tactical ArmsMark™ series are specially designed for our firearms and knife industries. Equipped with a galvo-driven fiber laser source, the Tactical ArmsMark™ is ideal for deep engraving industrial grade gun and blade steel and aluminum alloys. The system is capable of marking gun barrels and parts to ATF/NFA standards, as well as, stainless steel cups and tumblers using the rotary we have available. Using the precision of the rotary and our error-corrected lens, you are able to create smooth-joining permanent vector and raster artwork without the use of toxic and messy sprays. Contact Control Laser today and let’s discuss your business growth and future.

Below is an example of the differences between laser engraved and CNC machining on his copper glock back plates:

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