DoubleStar Corporation made a visit to our facility here in Orlando, Florida for training and acceptance of their new Tactical ArmsMark™ fiber laser engraving machine. DoubleStar is known for producing firearms, blades, tactical parts, and accessories for commercial markets as well as military and law enforcement across the world. Seeing the increasing need of custom firearms and accessories, they decided to give Control Laser a few samples of their products and prototypes for laser engraving testing. Our applications experts took a look at their materials and began building a laser engraver profile based upon the goals DoubleStar wanted to achieve. After receiving their engraved samples, they knew Control Laser, and the Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraver, is the right choice.

Since they are producing high quality military-grade parts, they need a high quality mark or in some cases, an ATF/NFA compliant deep engraving for firearms. Using our software, Laser Marking Studio™, and the galvo-driven fiber laser, which is superior to the old flatbed laser technology of the past, they are able to create tracking codes, QR codes, serial numbers, and anti-counterfeiting marks to protect their brand and products.

Below are a few samples we created using their new Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraver during their time here at Control Laser:

DoubleStar Corp Custom Snake Skin Knife Engraving
DoubleStar Corp Custom Snake Skin Knife Engraving
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DoubleStar Corp Logo on Knife
DoubleStar Corp logo dark marking on blade steel. This marking took approximately 1min 3secs.
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DoubleStar Corp Buffer Tube
High Contrast on Anodized Aluminum Buffer Tubes

45-ACP Pistol Slide Laser Engravings:

DoubleStar 45ACP Pistol Slide Deep Engraving
DoubleStar 45ACP Slide Deep Engraving. Custom grip pattern
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DoubleStar 45ACP Pistol Slide Deep Engraving
ATF compliant deep engraving on a 45ACP slide

Incredible detail can be seen in the snake skin pattern deep engraving and a high quality dark marking of their logo on the knife blade. If you can draw it up in your software of choice, the laser will engrave it. It’s always a pleasure to see what our customers do with our laser machines and we continue to see new and innovative ways to use them. Whenever a customer needs help on an application, our laser experts and technical staff are happy to assist. Laser technology is rapidly changing many industries and we will continue to innovate along with it here at Control Laser Corporation. If you would like to see more of what our laser engravers and markers can do in the hands of creative enthusiasts, visit or follow them on Instagram for some creative awesome products!

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