Medford Knife and Tool made a visit to our facility recently for acceptance and training on their new Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving machine. Finding the need for a fast laser that can achieve deep engraving and color on titanium, Medford used our free sample testing process to determine whether or not a Control Laser system was right for them. We’ve worked with hundreds of different knives and tools in the industry and knew exactly what they needed, so we marked their parts and sent back a full analysis. After receiving their samples, they knew that the Tactical ArmsMark™ system was what they needed. We built them a Tactical ArmsMark™ Desktop 2.5 with our new Mark-and-Move™ automated X-Z-axis gantry, along with our new Lase-and-View™ laser viewing system. The Mark-and-Move™ option will allow them to mark a volume of parts in succession for increased production output and efficiency.

The Laser Engraving Machine

Our Tactical ArmsMark™ lasers are designed for engraving on blade steel and different types of tools and accessories made from high-grade steel. Using a creative mind, these tools and accessories can be infinitely customized with logos and intricate patterns. Our software, Laser Marking Studio™, has the ability to convert your favorite photos into laser-able graphics for marking onto metals and some plastics. By utilizing our laser software a user can mark or engrave just about anything.

Training and Science!

Our applications engineer offers helpful tips and laser advice when our customers come to our facility for acceptance of their new laser system. He has been with the company for many years and has pioneered many of the laser processes you see in everyday life. A lot of laser applications involve knowing a little science and how the material reacts to heat. By tweaking the parameters of the laser through our software, there are many possibilities.

We let them drive

When a customer comes into CLC for training and acceptance on any new laser system, we let them drive. Medford’s first sample was a titanium knife handle. Titanium is a very popular material in the tactical every-day-carry industry because of its unique color changing properties when heat is applied. By varying the properties of the laser, a wide range of precision colors are achievable. Giving an artist a laser and the proper training from our expert staff, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s what Medford created with their Tactical ArmsMark™:

Medford Knife and Tool Titanium Knife Handle
Medford Titanium Laser Engraved Knife Handle Colors

Colors on titanium with a fiber laser

As you can see, the color fill is beautiful and the fill texture is unique. The top left marauder text was filled in a line serpentine pattern at a specific angle. This angle can be adjusted to have different desired effects on the color fill texture. The other markings are in a net two line fill, creating a grid-like pattern. The spacing between the fill passes can also be altered giving the fill a unique effect. Imagine the titanium handle as a blank canvas in which a painter paints, anything can be created.

Many colors are achievable with our Tactical ArmsMark™ lasers and our applications experts will assist in helping our customers with certain colors. For example, KeyBar needed some help with a red and blue for their stars and stripes custom KeyBars. Here’s an example of titanium from our Instagram:


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At Control Laser, we stand by our products and continue to provide top-notch customer support. Since 1965, we continue to manufacture and innovate our laser systems for our customers’ and industry needs. Follow us on Instagram for the latest samples from our applications lab and to see what goes on here at Control Laser. Check out the hashtag #TacticalArmsMark on Instagram!

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