Michael Taylor, CEO of Keybar.us, visited our facilities recently to take acceptance and training of his latest Tactial ArmsMark™ laser engraving machine, his third machine yet. This latest machine features our Hanging XZ/YZ and ViewLase technology. While here, he helped us out by making a short promo video for us, because who better to tell you about our systems than a 3-time customer?

As Mike explains in the video, Hanging XZ/YZ is an optional feature that we have added to our Tactical ArmsMark™ line of laser engraving machines after he, and others, explained to us that it would be better for him to be able to have the operator load up a bunch of parts so that multiple parts are lased during a single lase cycle–as Mike says, more laser time, less loading time. This feature allows for the operator to go off and work in a different section of the shop while the laser is operating. Additionally, since we use the same lens for each mark, every mark will be exactly the same from one part to the next, this is unique to Control Laser.

Another addition to his Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraver, and what we have now decided to put on all of our machines as a standard feature is the ViewLase technology. With ViewLase, we put a camera inside the laser system and a monitor showing the camera image on the outside so the operator can see what is going on inside the machine without having to open the door, which shuts the laser off. This feature can also be used in tours of the company to show the latest technology to potential customers and/or investors.

Keybar has been producing unique and patented key and tool organizers for nearly 3-years. Mike uses our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engravers to customize the Keybar since these engravers excel at engraving and coloring various metal alloys.

A Titanium Keybar colored with our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser marking system
A Titanium Keybar colored with our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser marking system

I purchased a Keybar when I heard about it and have since fallen in love with it. I added the 30GB USB jump drive, the beard comb, and the toothpick and tweezers so not only are my keys organized, but I feel a bit like MacGyver. It’s great particularly because I never leave home without it and I always have a jump drive handy.

Learn more about our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving machines and laser markers, and contact us with any laser questions you might have. Want to see how Keybar uses our systems? Visit Keybar’s Instagram page.

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