Two combat veterans looking to stir up the industry, Curtis and Jennifer Iovito of Classy Raptor Tactical brings knife materials to the firearms world with custom laser engraved Glock back plates. Mokuti and Timascus backplates are a hit by Glock owners looking for a personal touch to their everyday carry. Curtis is able to take detailed designs and mark or deep engrave them with accuracy and speed onto metals like brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum using their Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraver. The possibilities are endless, that is why they are expanding their business from their garage to a small shop located in their hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Classy Raptor Tactical Laser Engraved Products

Read about Classy Raptor’s Tactical ArmsMark™ acceptance at CLC and see what awesome new products they are using their laser on. Learn more about the Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engravers and marking systems and contact us today to find out how a partnership with CLC will impact your business.

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