Fanatic Edge Knives, founded in 2016, is a new customer of ours that use their laser for laser engraving knives and blade steel. Located in Crestview, Florida, they offer custom laser engraving services for the knife community. They also work with Precision Tactical on laser engraving firearms and accessories. Visit at and for custom laser engraving on knives and firearms.

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Our laser engraving machines are complete, turn-key solutions for any sized company looking to improve their products with high-quality laser engraving and marking. We have small, compact desktop laser engravers to large, high-production systems for complete automation. Our engineering and software department develops solutions for any application, any material. We have the widest selection of wavelength lasers (CO2, Fiber (Infrared), Ultraviolet, and Green Lasers) available for any material thrown our way. Send in your parts today for a free sample testing study to determine how your product will look with Control Laser’s expertise!

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Learn more about the Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engravers and marking systems and contact us today to find out how a partnership with CLC will impact your business. If you are looking for financing, we are here to help make your laser purchase and dream a reality!

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