Rob Cabrera, Director of Edged Weapons Division from DoubleStar Corporation, had a moment to show off their latest products on display at Blade Show 2018. From breaching axes to combat ready knives, they use their Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraver to brand their products with logos, part identification numbers, and different artistic designs. USA made and manufactured in Kentucky, DoubleStar Corp. also produces a wide selection of firearms and accessories. Visit for more information on their products and services.

Laser Engraving Machines by Control Laser

Our laser engraving machines are complete, turn-key solutions for any sized company looking to improve their products with high-quality laser engraving and marking. We have small, compact desktop laser engravers to large, high-production systems for complete automation. Our engineering and software department develops solutions for any application, any material. We have the widest selection of wavelength lasers (CO2, Fiber (Infrared), Ultraviolet, and Green Lasers) available for any material thrown our way. Send in your parts today for a free sample testing study to determine how your product will look with Control Laser’s expertise!

Why Control Laser?

Buying a laser machine can be tricky. You must know what you are buying, the software being used, if there is support for issues, and what you get for the price tag. Our software, Laser Marking Studio™, is the most powerful and capable software in the laser market. It is our proprietary software developed in-house with feedback from manufacturing companies over many years. Our systems are capable of integrating into assembly lines or configured for complete automation.

Since 1965, we’ve been supporting old and new systems, as well as, providing laser applications support for system owners. What is laser applications support? Our laser applications lab will help you with laser parameters to find the perfect mark for your material for as long as you own the system. We have field service technicians based out of Orlando, Florida for on-site or remote troubleshooting, installation, training, and maintenance if needed. Whatever you may need, Control Laser has your back.

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Learn more about the Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engravers and marking systems and contact us today to find out how a partnership with CLC will impact your business. If you are looking for financing, we are here to help make your laser purchase and dream a reality!

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