To determine whether to purchase a CO2 laser or a Fiber laser for marking and/or engraving, one must first consider the type of material that will be marked or engraved since materials will react differently. This reaction is largely dependent upon the wavelength of the laser. The CO2 laser will have a wavelength of 10600nm whereas a fiber laser will typically have a wavelength in the 1070nm range.

The CO2 lasers are generally used to mark and engrave materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, acrylic, leather, wood, and other organic materials. Our CO2 lasers can also cut many materials like kydex, acrylic, paper products, and leather.

The Fiber lasers, such as the Instamark® branded laser marking and engraving system, can process the widest range of materials including steel/stainless, aluminum, titanium, ceramics, and some plastics.

Need an industrial laser system? Our laser system integration solution, which includes the scanhead, laser source, software, computer and controller, can be integrated into your existing workstation, set up for automation, or installed in our vast array of workstations available.

Each laser has their place, but in our 50+ years of experience, we have found that the fiber laser wavelength is best suited for most applications and it is, by far, the most popular laser that we sell. If you are unsure of which laser to purchase, send us a sampling request and we will determine which laser is right for your material. This service is completely free and comes with no obligations.

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