Buyer’s Guide: Understanding Laser Machines

What are the benefits of laser processing?

Saving money with Laser Machines

Laser processing is a non-contact process, unlike traditional systems that require consumable elements such as cutting tapers, drill bits, waterjet sands, die-cut blades, metal molds, welding rods, stamp rollers, print ink, processing chemicals, liquids for cooling, etc.

Laser processing is also a green technology. As such, it is not subject to a myriad of environmental protection and waste mitigation costs. These costs can include the chemical isolation systems for a new lab, inspection fees, disposal expenses, etc.

Most laser processing machines are integrated with semi and/or fully automatic subsystems which can provide significant reductions in labor costs per unit manufactured.

Attracting New Business

Laser-based processing outputs high-quality parts that traditional processing methods are unable to equal, which has lead to it becoming a must-have process for many industries. These industries include the manufacture of precise medical instruments, jewelry, semiconductor components, avionics assemblies, high-reliability wire harnesses, etc. For medium and small-size businesses, investments in laser processing will bring new customers looking to place orders with your business.

Laser deep engraving systems can be designed to come with a machine-vision subsystem, which enables you to deliver parts that are compliant with the most stringent of military standards, helping you to win military and government contracts.

High resolution, high precision, large-scale laser marking is a must for winning orders within the modern aerospace and avionics industry.

High power laser cutting and laser welding systems for sheet metal and metal pipes can help you to secure orders from the agricultural, petroleum, automobile, and shipbuilding industries.

Precision laser cutting and laser welding systems can help you secure orders from the medical and consumer electronic device industries

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