Buyer’s Guide: Sourcing Laser Equipment

Validate the Machine

Our laser buyer’s guide has four episodes that help to explain the basic concepts of laser systems.

Understanding Laser MachinesAutomation Integration

The most effective way to ensure that any machine can perform your desired type of processing, within the required cycle time, is to make use of free presale workpiece sampling tests.

The results of this test will form the acceptance criteria used before the shipment of the equipment you are purchasing. If you are an experienced laser equipment user and want to try and expedite the purchasing project, or you are a processing service (job shop) owner and want to thoroughly test all aspects of the machine’s performance, you can also make use of the outgoing manufacturing QC criteria as your acceptance criteria instead.

Typically, purchasing a new system goes as follows: The seller (CLC) builds the machine after collecting a deposit, then schedules an appointment to have you, the buyer, do an onsite inspection of your machine before shipment, and then the buyer accepts the machine once all of the acceptance tests are passed, the system ships, and then the buyer pays their remaining balance.

If you are not available to come for an onsite visit to do an inspection, most sellers (CLC included) provide the option to do a remote inspection of your machine to finish the sale process, either by signing the acceptance test report which is provided with images showing the finished product, or by a real-time video conference.

Free tests for your workpiece samples!

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