Buyer’s Guide: Processing Tips

How Do I Improve the Laser Processing Cycle Time?

To improve production efficiency by reducing cycle time is always a hot topic for laser equipment owners. We analyze ways to improve laser processing cycle times as follows:

Cycle Time Formula

  • Duration of laser beam motion
  • Time of reaction between laser focus and workpiece
  • Time of workpieces loading and unloading

Increasing the time of the laser processing beams motion

  • Optimizing processing drawings
    • Raster Image Verification
    • Breakpoints Connection
    • Motion path optimization
    • Custom Fonts
  • Optimizing laser system design
    • Choosing higher performance hardware, such as Galvo scanners, laser encoders, and the laser detector
    • Optimizing software and electrical response: Software code compiling time, firmware “real time” response

Decreasing the time of reactions between the laser and workpiece

  • Choosing a laser with a higher average power, power density, or peak power; such as cutting a welded metal material with a high power laser UV laser cut carbon fiber and fireproof materials; picosecond and femtosecond for processing glass and sapphire.
  • Assistant Gas, such as in high-pressure oxygen assisted cutting of thick plates in laser cutting applications.
  • Additives, so that the reaction time will be significantly increased by adding 1% of the photosensitive additive to the plastic in laser marking applications.

Decreasing the time spent loading and unloading the workpiece

  • Fixture, or Matrix Feeders like unit trays or cassettes in batch mode
  • Upgrade from manual to axis controlled semi-automation loading and unloading
  • Pneumatic gripper for loading and unloading along with conveyor belt
  • Linear or joint robotics integration
  • Machine vision positioning, online inspection

For a CLC equipment owner, if you have an urgent project for application development on hand, and cannot get the issue resolved after reading the above tips, do not hesitate to contact us today, we would be honored for the opportunity to help you resolve your processing issue.

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