Buyer’s Guide: Processing Tips

How To Improve the Quality of Laser Micromachining

The laser micromachining process is an emerging and fast growing processing industry. Many pending issues get resolved as laser technology advances. We outline the typical application category and summarize the tips for making use of this tech as follows:

Drill taperless through holes or blind holes

  • Customized power output stability tolerance of laser emission
  • Select telecentric lens
  • Select the high precision axis control for workpiece motion

Micro-engraving or forming

  • Create multi-pass processing jobs, in order to achieve engraving depth with high efficiency, and then melt to form the smooth shading
  • Select pre-scan 3D surface beam delivery design, eg. for the application of LDS circuit in mobile phone housing
  • Select good peak power laser sources, eg. for the application of cutting or scribing semiconductor wafers, glass or sapphire

Laser Cleaning or Surface Treatment

  • Select a short wavelength laser source, to strip the plating on a metal workpiece, such as to remove the residual nickel plating on the chrome-plated layer
  • Select a long focal length depth lens for the iron rust removal, the contamination on IC probe card and resting slot

Medical and Biological research and experimentation

  • Select picosecond NIR pulsed laser source, to evaporate and remove the biological tissues or attachment.
  • Select the customized micro-adjustable power UV laser equipment, to realize the photochemical reaction of biological tissue

For CLC equipment owners, if you have an urgent project on hand and cannot resolve your issue after reading the above tips, please do not hesitate to contact us today, we would be honored to get the opportunity to help resolve your processing issue.

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