Buyer’s Guide: Processing Tips

How To Improve the Quality of Laser Marking

We outline the common laser marking quality key points and tips as follows:

Non-deformation of marking, accuracy location

  • Lens correction with normal accuracy or higher resolution
  • Improved angle of scanning galvanometer, focal length determines accuracy of position

Micro-engraving or forming

  • Adjust pulse-width, or try different wavelength laser sources
  • Add photosensitive chronotropic additives
  • The filling pattern can raise the readability of the mark
  • Surface removal or deep engraving can increase readability of the mark.

Low recognition

  • Use special coding and a corresponding decoding tool
  • Choose a visible angle marking pattern, the image can be observed at a certain angle only.
  • Use an ultra small size marking, can be counterfeited by a customized microscope reader

Improve firmness of the mark

  • Increase engraving depth
  • Increase the peak power of laser source, along with salt spray tests
  • select the right parameters for energy density, along with abrasive paper wear test
  • Post=process reinforcement, for instance, the acid cleaning passivization

Meet special requirements from industry regulation

  • Select high frequency pulsed laser or CW laser to ensure no light leaking through micro-holes in aircraft pilot panels
  • Resolve the limitations of uniformity in workpiece materials

For CLC equipment owners, if you have an urgent project on hand and cannot resolve your issue after reading the above tips, please do not hesitate to contact us today, we would be honored to get the opportunity to help resolve your processing issue.

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