Buyer’s Guide: Understanding Laser Automation

Harsh Environment Protection for Laser Machines

Harsh Environment:

Laser systems can work in extreme environments with proper preparation. These environments include extreme temperatures, oily and dusty surroundings, humid conditions, ground vibrations, and even electromagnetic interference. The CLC team provides customized design and equipment to guarantee that a client’s laser equipment can perform in harsh environments.
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Extremely High Temperatures

CLC provides various AC coolers (Air/Water) to help cool down the temperature of your laser equipment, which helps ensure our laser systems can work in high-temperature environments.

Extreme low temperatures

CLC provides various water chiller tank heaters to heat up your device. This ensures your laser systems will work normally in low-temperature environments.

Clean room sterile

CLC provides waterproof, oil proof and dust proof laser systems to satisfy your clean room sterilization requirements, which enables longer life spans.

Ground Vibrations

With construction on site, or with locations in earthquake zones, ground vibration can hardly be avoided. But don’t worry, CLC provides air float tables which prevent laser systems from vibrating. This way, a stable working environment can be guaranteed.

Faraday Cage

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. CLC provides customized faraday cages, which are specially designed for laser systems working under environments with electromagnetic interference. Interference is greatly reduced to endure normal operation of the machine.

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