Buyer’s Guide: Understanding Laser Automation

Laser Machine Vision Systems

The machine vision system is a highly customized solution, unless your application is fairly simple and just happens to fall into a standard vision system function scope

In a typical engineering project, the following steps should be followed:

  • Defining workpiece scope
  • Clarifying needs of performance vs. cost
  • Pre-sale sampling in application lab
  • Proposing the right hardware (camera, lens, and lighting)
  • Customize software by application

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The vision system manager modules in the LAS software family is the Vision Manager which includes

  • Workpiece positioning
  • Barcode reading / OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Dimension Measurement
  • Surface inspection

View Lase options for InstaMark – Laser marking and engraving system.

  • 45 degree pneumatic slide mirror
  • High repetition alignment with camera
  • User can draw images directly on the screen

Video Microscope for RETINA – laser micromachining system

The high precision vision system, NAVITA system, enables detailed amplification, adjustment, and detection. With this, our clients can better observe the laser processing results. Angular setups for the vision system are available, to ensure specific viewing angles.

Workpiece positioning and inspection options for laser marking and engraving systems

Cameras and lights enable the workpiece positioning and inspection in both normal laser systems and automated laser systems

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