Concealment Commander Laser Training and Acceptance on their new Tactical ArmsMark™ Laser Engraver

Concealment Commander, based out of West Monroe, Louisiana, visited our facility for laser training and to accept their new Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraver machine. Being new to the laser game, there was much to learn. After a few days with our applications engineer, they were able to learn how their fiber laser interacts with varies parts of their firearms. From…

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Engraving Freedom since 1973, Control Laser Corporation (CLC) Launches the Tactical ArmsMark™ Line of Laser Engraving Machines

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2016 Contact: Marketing Specialist Control Laser Corporation 407-926-3500 Engraving Freedom since 1973, Control Laser Corporation (CLC) Launches the Tactical ArmsMark™ Line of Laser Engraving Machines Orlando, Florida – September 28, 2016 – For over 43-years, Control Laser has been at the forefront of laser engraving technology for the firearms industry and…

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DoubleStar’s Tactical ArmsMark™ Laser Engraving Machine Acceptance at CLC

DoubleStar Corporation made a visit to our facility here in Orlando, Florida for training and acceptance of their new Tactical ArmsMark™ fiber laser engraving machine. DoubleStar is known for producing firearms, blades, tactical parts, and accessories for commercial markets as well as military and law enforcement across the world. Seeing the increasing need of custom firearms and accessories, they decided…

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Blade Show 2016 Highlights – Keybar – Hell-Bent – Mantis Knives

Control Laser heats up the Blade Show 2016 CLC partnered up with some of our customers, Keybar, Hell-Bent Holsters, and Mantis Knives for Blade Show 2016 to provide their customers with laser marking and engraving service and support of purchased items at their booths. It turned out to be a successful partnership as both the general public and vendors were…

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From Design to Production, Using Laser Marking Studio (LMS) is Easy, and Efficient

One of the great things about our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser system is the software package that comes with it. Laser Marking Studio (LMS) was developed in our CLC facility to meet the demands of multi-industry customers. It is the laser software package that all other laser companies try to imitate because it is such an easy-to-use, and versatile, the package…

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Keybar: Our latest satisfied customer of the Tactical ArmsMark™ Laser marking and engraving system

Late last year, 2015, a bunch of us here at CLC got together and decided that we were going to engineer a couple of systems for the tactical arms and related equipment industry. Control Laser has a history of providing firearms and knife manufacturers laser marking and engraving systems; all of the big names in gun and knife manufacturing depend…

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How to improve the laser mark on coated metal and tactical arms

You can improve the marking of coated metal and on tactical arms by using the right laser for the job. CLC has developed a new line of laser systems designed to mark on various tactical arms such as knives, bullets, guns, firearms, etc. We compare a before-and-after view of a problem where the contrast was not optimized on a promotional…

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How to create a faux Damascus Steel pattern with a laser?

Let's face it, not everybody can afford the actual Damascus steel knives, guns, and other cool gadgets so why not have the next best thing? Using our Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving system, and some creative work at the computer, we can import the pattern into our Laser Marking Studio laser software, focus the laser properly, and hit go. For a…

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New! Tactical ArmsMark™ – A Laser Marking and Engraving System for guns, knives, and other tactical gear

We're proud to announce our latest Control Laser line of products, Tactical ArmsMark™. This line was specially engineered for marking and deep engraving on weapons such as guns, rifles, knives, and other tactical gear. Not only have these systems been engineered specifically for arms marking and engraving, but we also developed a few applications that will make your customers wish…

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