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For over 50 years, we have been continuously improving upon and developing new industrial laser systems, with a focus towards the processes of cutting; welding; marking and engraving; and micromachining, providing unmatched total solutions to our global customers.

CLC offers risk free, pre-sales application research in workpiece samples tests; standard and customized laser automation systems; and customer-oriented, fast responding service plans to ensure all systems perform at or beyond the customer’s expectations.

CLC’s unique advantages are:

  1. We are a technology driven company, offering laser system customization and providing a “One Stop” laser technology solution and support sytem.
    Our engineering scope includes beam delivery design; system automation; and in-house coding of controller firmware and laser system software, so that we can respond to any customization requests: from designing around new laser sources; to new system engineering; to integration into existing production lines; to field service support. That is why we are called Control Laser.
  2. We have accumulated 50+ years of laser processing experience and system integration “know-how”. For many challenges we already know what the optimal solution is, and are able to help customers select the right configuration for their use-case, advising from the most economical option to the highest performance.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Spirit: To support our Employees, to support our Customers, to support our World; Justice, Integrity, Righteousness.

Vision: To be the Global Leader of the Advanced Fabrication Equipment Industry

Values: Because there is need, we exist. To be the person that others need; to contribute to our society; to help our customer in creating value; and give all our effort to exceed their expectations.

Mission: Strengthen the People, Equip the World.

Strategy: Deeply integrate within the local market; encourage horizontal expansion of our company; gain footholds in the global market through integration with emerging markets.

Tactics: Provide exceptional service, develop industry-leading technology, build a strong reputation within the industry.

Control Laser History

1965 – 1974
Pioneers of Laser Technology

On April 19, 1965, the inventor of the automobile airbag, Michael Ivashuk, founded a private company in Pompano Beach, Florida incorporated as Ivashuk Manufacturing Company…

In 1968, as the business expanded, Michael merged Ivashuk Manufacturing with the Orlando Research Corp, and renamed the company as Control Laser Corporation.  The next year they went public, and eventually landing on the NASDAQ in 1974.

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1974 – 1988
Expanding Age

In July 1977, Michael Ivashuk sold his controlling interest of Control Laser Corp to a Washington based logistics company named Security Storage. The founder’s son, Robert Van Roijen Jr., was elected Chairman of Control Laser.

After taking charge of Control Laser, Robert used his ingenuity and knowledge of capital operations to develop the business by acquiring a series of laser companies with proprietary technology.

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1988 – 2008
Applications Diversification

In July 1988, Control Laser’s controlling ownership was been sold to Quantronix Company, thus entering the semiconductor mask repair business. Because of the volatility of the semiconductor market at the end of 1992, Excel Technology acquired Quantronix and Control Laser.

The scope of laser applications, and thus CLC’s customer base, expanded from aerospace, military and semiconductor industries into automobiles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, tools, molds, jewelry, trophies, packaging and other commercial markets.

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2008 – Present
Continuous Innovation

In July 2008, General Scanning Inc. Group, determined to horizontally integrate the laser industry, financed 3.6 billion USD to privatize and acquire Excel Technology.

In November 2012, Control Laser’s equity became fully owned by Han’s Laser group.

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NAICS: 238990
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Control Laser is a supplier of advanced technology laser systems for the U.S. Government. We are registered with the System for Award Management (SAM), and Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOps), and designated as a Small Business.

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