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Laser Engraving, Cutting and Welding for FireArms Manufacturers 


Tactical ArmsMark®  the best solution for laser deep engraving, ensuring quality compliance with MIL-STD, ATF/NFA regulations.

Tactical ArmsMark®

is a complete ATF/NFA regulations compliance application solution for military parts manufacturers, customization shops, and other related gear and accessories.

CLC’s laser deep engraving technology rooted from the laser engraving system customized for DOD in 1984.

Trademark registered in 2014.

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The major users are the military firearms manufacturers, defense engineering houses, and the job shops for ammo, gun parts, holster, tactical knives and military weapon sub-assembly.


FN Manufacturing, Springfield Armory, Leupold, Troy Industries, Smith & Wesson, Outlaw Ordnance, DOD, Lockheed Martin, NavyAir, Rock Island, Raytheon, Honeywell, GE Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Boeing Defense, BAE systems, Medford Knives, L W Schinder, Connecticut Shotgun, and more!

Refined Laser Embossing, Deep Engraving and Coloring

Application can fully or partially replace the traditional peening, roll stamping, grooving, embossing, stippling, scribing, sand blasting, and chemical etching, inkjet, printing process.

It provides the solution of regulation compliant high-quality marking and deep engraving process, helping the equipment owner leverage capital investment into good revenue generation.

Wide Range Materials Adaptability

With short-wavelength or ultrafast laser sources, it can process organic and non-organic material, including metal, glass, ceramic, graphite, plastics, rubber, fiber and composite.


Deep Engraving Application Experience

1984 – Developed the laser engraving application for forging mold of gun parts

1989 – Integrated the vibrator bowl ammo feeding automation system

1998 – Integrated machine vision system to positioning and verification

Brand Establishment

2005 – Specialized in the application team to develop the deep engraving compliance project

2013 – Established the internal ITAR isolation procedure

2014 – Registered trademark and mass marketing

Brand Evolution

2015 – Launched new laser source integration for high-quality shading of the engraved cavity

2016 – Launched LMS version 3.1 with enhanced sectioning and stitching technology

2017 – Launched 6-jointed robot integration options

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