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InstaCNC®: High-Speed, Multi-Task CNC Machining Center for Precision Machine Shops and Manufacturers of Firearms and Auto Parts


  • The InstaCNC® stands out as a highly versatile alternative to conventional machining centers, boasting superior speed, precision, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Equipped with integrated high-speed drilling and tapping functions, it excels in precise milling, drilling, and thread tapping operations.
  • Moreover, it effectively handles hard metal mold machining—a task typically reserved for horizontal CNC machines.
  • Noteworthy features of this model include its high G-force value and exceptional rigidity.
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High Precision, Accuracy, & Repeatability

The lightweight and highly rigid column structure ensures a low starting load and quick response of the Z-axis.

Additionally, we design the main spindle and related components with a 1.25 safety factor. Which increases to 1.6 to 2.0 during normal machining work at 8000-10000 RPM, providing exceptionally high impact resistance.

Solid Structure & Lightweight Motion Components

  • The moving components of the 3-axis are lightweight and crafted from Meehanite forged material, ensuring rapid response times.
  • A precise ceramic bearing mount enhances assembly accuracy.
  • Furthermore, the system incorporates SCHNEEBERGER linear rails and top-end customized HIWIN/THK ball screws for optimal performance.
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Advanced Machine Structure Design

Employing a Box-in-Box design and a large-span structure, this machine attains both low weight and high rigidity, ensuring optimal performance.

Compared to competitor models, it weighs 20% less.

Moreover, the central structure boasts a large O-shape design, significantly enhancing both vertical and horizontal rigidity.

Structure Design & Moving Components

  • Crafted from lightweight Meehanite forge material, the moving components of the 3-axis ensure rapid response times.
  • Precision ceramic bearing mounts enhance assembly accuracy. The system complements this with the inclusion of SCHNEEBERGER Linear Rail and high-end customized HIWIN/THK Ball Screws for optimal performance.
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  • High Torque Spindle: Operating at 12,000 RPM, the high torque spindle ensures efficient performance.
  • Enhanced Precision: Equipped with a 4-inline FAG ceramic bearing and float mounting structure, enhancing spindle life and precision.
  • Direct-Drive Technology: Powered by a SIEMENS 1PH8 Series Spindle Motor, offering inline direct-drive capabilities for optimal efficiency.

Patented Tool Holder Catching Mechanism

Our innovative design enhances tool holder catch capabilities.

We’ve developed, customized, and patented this mechanism to bolster spindle impact resistance, thereby extending its lifespan and preserving precision.

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Fastest Speed Auto Tool Changer

  • ATC (Auto Tool Changer): We designed our innovative short-arm tool changer for lightning-fast tool changes. Minimizing inertia force and reducing impact on the spindle.
  • Speed Performance:

    • Tool to Tool Change: 0.95 Seconds
    • Chip to Chip Change: 2.95 Seconds

High-Volume 20-Pocket Tool Magazine

Unlike traditional funnel-shaped tool magazines with a maximum of 16 pockets, our innovative design features a 20-pocket high-volume tool magazine. This allows for increased processing flexibility and efficiency.

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InstaCNC Networking

Cloud Database Integration
No need for complex intranet setups. Seamlessly transmit data via the internet and automatically share it with your smartphone and server

Smartphone Application
Leverage our smartphone app to remotely manage the machine from anywhere in the world using internet connectivity.

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