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Custom Engineered Laser System

Robot Integration

Laser Linear Robot

The standard specification of the hanging xyz travels are 48, 24, 12 inches.

This design has full space available for work piece loading. As a motion control of laser beam delivery, the system fits for any weight or size work pieces, better than the traditional Z+ XY table solution.

Laser Collaborative Robot

Machine Vision

Machine vision – positioning in pixel level

With the precise workpiece positioning enabled by machine vision, traditional fixture positioning has become unnecessary. This not only saves time in designing and manufacturing fixtures but also reduces the time required for loading and unloading workpieces from the fixtures, greatly improving production efficiency.

Machine vision – measuring, inspection and fix 

Using machine vision, not only can the linear dimensions of workpieces be measured, along with geometric dimensions such as circumference and diameter, but defects in laser markings can also be detected and corrected by directing the laser beam. Additionally, it can accurately locate the joints of laser circular markings, enabling the creation of flawless circular lines.

Machine vision – OCR and ERP data integration

With our custom engineered machine vision integration, the laser-marked workpieces can be OCR recognized to verify the readability of characters or barcodes. It can also directly read serial numbers and write them into ERP records, enabling fully automated, unattended laser processing.

Axis Motion Control

Z motion control.gif
Rotary High Precision.jpg
Double R Z Custom Engineering.gif
Rotary Tail stock.jpg

Harsh Environment Adaptability

custom engineering harsh environment adaptability Moisture Oily Dusty.jpg

Moisture, Oily, Dusty

custom engineering harsh environment adaptability Extreme Temperature.jpg

Extreme Temperature

custom engineering harsh environment adaptability Anti Viberation.jpg


custom engineering harsh environment adaptability Electromagnetic Compatibility.jpg

Electromagnetic Compatbility

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