September 28, 2016
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Control Laser Corporation

Engraving Freedom since 1973, Control Laser Corporation (CLC) Launches the Tactical
ArmsMark™ Line of Laser Engraving Machines

Orlando, Florida – September 28, 2016 – For over 43-years, Control Laser has been at the forefront of laser
engraving technology for the firearms industry and now they have a new standard product line of machines
optimized for just this purpose. The Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving machines and marking systems can
deep engrave into all gun metals and can create permanent black or colored marks on blade steels, and other
alloys and tactical gear. One system configuration will engrave ATF and NFA compliant serial marks on gun
barrels in under 20-seconds.

The vice president of Control Laser, says of the Tactical ArmsMark™ line:

“We found that the firearms and knife industries have a huge demand for customized tactical gear and specialized laser engraving systems. Our ATF and NFA compliant engravers have been optimized for better cycle time, and we’ve added a Hanging XZ/YZ option, and a ViewLase standard feature, that sets our systems apart.”

In the past, the laser field was limited to the field size of the lens. This arrangement limited the number of parts that could be lasered on per lasing cycle. With the Hanging XZ/YZ option, they expand that field size up to
48-inches, which means that more parts can be loaded per lasing cycle, thus higher production throughput.
Keeping the same lens configuration as before means that the marks are just as precise as Control Laser has been
known for, for years.

The ViewLase feature comes standard on all Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving systems. With
Lase-and-View™ a camera and external monitor are added to the system which shows exactly what’s going on
inside the laser, without having to open the door.

When combining the Hanging XZ/YZ option with the standard ViewLase feature, an operator
can load up the system with parts and then go off to work on another system during the lasing cycle while
keeping an eye on what is happening inside the laser from across the shop. A tower light on top of the system
indicates when the cycle is complete.

Overall, the Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engravers are optimized for high precision, and high production-minded
shops and manufacturers. Contact Control Laser today or visit the website for more information on these


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