CLC partnered with KeyBar and Hell-Bent Holsters once again for Blade Show 2018 providing laser engraved dog tags as souvenirs to anyone who visited the booth. We had a chance to see what our customers created for this year’s Blade Show. We’re very proud how far our customers have come since their training and acceptance of their laser engraving machines.

The Blade Show

The Blade Show is the world’s largest knife and blade expo in the world. It attracts many knife enthusiasts looking to score a limited edition blade made by a famous knife maker or some exotic knife materials. These blades often go for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. Blades of this type are usually made in the USA by Americans using top quality blade steel and titanium. Medford Knives and Chris Reeve Knives are part of the leaders in the blade community. They use our lasers for deep engraving knives and handles to create high-quality custom pieces of art. Chris Reeve Knives won American Made Knife of the Year with their Impinda.

It all started in 2016 when one of our customers, KeyBar, invited us to put lasers in their booth to mark dog tags and hand them out for free to booth visitors. The lasers attracted crowds and many knife makers wanting to know how they can get a system of their own. Attendees sought out our dog tags to add to their collection and posted photos with their tag to social media about the show. Many were amazed at how fast the laser was and how clear and smooth the marking came out.

Tactical ArmsMark™ Customers

Control Laser set out to create a brand of laser engravers for the defense industry. Many of these customers are firearms manufacturers, knife makers, every-day-carry (EDC) tool designers, and tactical gear customizers. Up until a few years ago, our lasers were mainly used for marking serial numbers and logos at large manufacturing companies. Now, they are being used for complex creative designs, multi-level deep engravings, and custom ordered products. A lot of people are wanting a unique touch to their EDC tools, and our lasers are perfect for that. There’s no material too tough for a Tactical ArmsMark™. Our lasers offer the speed, flexibility, and quality needed in the EDC arena which has been proven by many of our customers like Keybar, Medford, Classy Raptor Tactical, Chris Reeve Knives, DoubleStar Corp., and many others. Our software, Laser Marking Studio™ 3.0, has seen numerous updates to keep pace with the rise in complex vector designs and what our customers are wanting to create with it.

List of Tactical ArmsMark™ Customers:

  • KeyBar
  • Outlaw Ordnance
  • Medford Knife and Tool
  • DoubleStar Corporation
  • Classy Raptor Tactical
  • Chris Reeve Knives
  • Fanatic Edge Knives
  • Precision Tactical
  • Tactical Santa
  • Microtech Knives
  • FN America
  • Smith & Wesson
  • LW Schneider
  • AO Precision
  • and many more!

Many of our new customers are small businesses looking to expand their services with laser marking and engraving capabilities. Classy Raptor Tactical (CRT), a customer since 2016, is a perfect example of how two retired combat veterans sought out to create customized laser engraved pistol accessories from their garage. Many others are doing similar things, but the reason CRT is doing so well is because of the quality of their laser engraving and the materials they use. With business booming and new contracts in the works, they’ve moved to a storefront property, hired employees, and ordered more lasers to keep up with demand! It all started with a conversation at Blade Show and the desire to own a Control Laser laser engraving machine.

Why Control Laser?

Buying a laser machine can be tricky. You must know what you are buying, the software being used, if there is support for issues, and what you get for the price tag. Our software, Laser Marking Studio™, is the most powerful and capable software in the laser market. It is our proprietary software developed in-house with feedback from manufacturing companies over many years. Our systems are capable of integrating into assembly lines or configured for complete automation.

Since 1965, we’ve been supporting old and new systems, as well as, providing laser applications support for system owners. What is laser applications support? Our laser applications lab will help you with laser parameters to find the perfect mark for your material for as long as you own the system. We have field service technicians based out of Orlando, Florida for on-site or remote troubleshooting, installation, training, and maintenance if needed.

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