Buyer’s Guide: Understanding Laser Automation

Understanding Laser Automation – Automated Loading and Unloading

CLC offers a variety of laser machine automation integration. We describe the general automation subsystems as follows:

Conveyors and Grippers

CLC provides customer-fit auto loading and unloading systems within our laser systems. Various types of conveyors and grippers enable batch production for a variety of different products. We guarantee that our clients will have optimal work efficiency. Our professional team can provide ideal automation systems just for you.

Pauses of a few seconds cannot be avoided in the normal automation of laser systems. If you prefer uninterrupted high-speed production, please check out our OTF (On the Fly) system for more details.

Conveyor belt with fixture

Loaded at one end, auto unloaded when fixture is flipped upside down

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Automated combined work platform

Unloading from a Dial stop, gripper picks up workpiece and sets on an outgoing conveyor belt.

Magazine fixture pushes workpiece up, with gripper loading and unloading.

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Or, click here to contact a CLC Mechanical manager to customize the automation transformation.

OTF Laser Marking Systems

OTF (On the Fly) systems have the best work efficiency. Quick creation of batch productions can be totally guaranteed. What’s more, there is no pause in the laser work period, which greatly increases the production rate. The scan head will continuously lase to ensure streamlined production.

If you need a large number of production tasks to be completed in a laser working environment, the CLC OTF system is your best choice.
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Integration into an existing product line

Replacing inkjet marking with laser marking

Step 1. Measure the existing inkjet head installation position.

Step 2: The CLC engineer will propose the appropriate detector

Reflective Detector:

Correlative Detector:

Color Code Detector:

Proximity Switch (for metal workpieces):

Speed Detector:

Coaxial Encoder (speed detector):

Typical integration scenario:

Vibrator Feeder - Bullet Marking

Bullet Size Chart

Inch Caliber (inch)Metric Caliber (mm)Typical Bullet Diameter
0.20, 0.20450.204
0.256.350.257in, 6.35 mm in, 6.7mm in, 7.035 mm
0.28470.284 in, 7.213 mm
0.28470.284 in, 7.213 mm
0.3087.620.308 in, 7.82 mm
0.3388.60.338 in
0.35590.355 in
0.35590.355 in
0.3659.30.365 in
0.3759.50.375 in, 9.53 mm
0.4100.4 in
0.4410.90.429 in
0.4511.430.451 – 0.454 in
0.5012.70.51 in, 12.95 mm

Application and Marking Capability

ApplicationMil-StandardAll CaliberMarking Features
MarkingPart Number, 2D UID Barcoding, 3D Engraving, 12.95 mm/Deep-Engraving
EngravingSurface Texturing, Service Marks, Sequential Serial Numbers, Lot Codes and Date Codes

Hopper Collator Auto-Feeding system

Vibration hopper collator with sensor controlled feeding
Adjustable for different size of cartridge cases

Industrial Indexing Conveyor Belt

In line marking process with repeating loader

powered by programmable conveyor belt

Safety Tower Light

Industrial-Grade Safety Tri-color Tower Light

(Buzzers, Color Customizations Available)

Safety Light Curtain

Invisible light curtain sensor integrated in the automation system for completely safe operations.

Industrial Safety Fence

Embedded IR Laser Pointer in Laser Source

Marking preview for easy positioning and testing

High Accuracy Vision Positioning System

Smart vision system with optimal lighting setup for quick and accurate positioning

CDRH Compliant Workstation Design

Fulfill CDRH Class I/II requirements with transparent laser protective observation windows (specifically selected for all kinds of laser wavelength)

Integrated Fume Extraction System

Powerful fume and smoke extraction to prevent air contamination.

Rolling Barrel Slot

Rolling Barrel Slots Feeding

Sheet Metal Tower

A sheet metal tower can store and deal with a large set of sheet metal pieces at the same time. Fast and efficient sheet metal transportation saves time in industrial production.

Sheet Metal Tower Auto Loading and Unloading

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