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Our industrial laser engraving machines are the fastest and most precise high production laser engravers on the market. Our latest technology, the galvo-driven Mark-and-Move™ industrial laser engraving machines offer the speed and precision that is second-to-none.

For over 53-years, Control Laser has pioneered laser engraving systems based on market demands. As a leader in industrial laser engraving machines, our customers enjoy the latest technology with the personalized service after the sale that we are known for.

Samples of Markings

Mark-and-Move™ Gantry laser system, faster than flatbed lasers
Mark-and-Move™ Gantry laser system, faster than flatbed laser

Why move the entire galvo head? Why not move just the beam?

  • In our Mark-and-Move™ laser engravers, we move the entire galvo head, instead of just moving the beam a longer distance, because we want for every mark to be identical. Most of our customers are industrial customers and they have very high standards of quality. If we were to keep the galvo head stationary, we would lose precision as the angle of incidence–the angle at which the laser strikes the material– will cause marks farther from the beam to be different than those directly under the lens.
  • When deep engraving, which is what many of our lasers are required to do, the angle of incidence will also cause issues as the edges of the engraving will not be uniform from one location to the next
  • We precisely calibrate every lens to the laser that it will focus. With this calibration, lines are always straight, distances are precise (to within 0.003″ [76.2-microns]), and there is no spherical aberration or clipping of the beam at the farthest locations of the lasing field. Everything is precise. With the alternative method of moving the beam, this level of precision doesn’t exist.
  • By moving the galvo-head, as we do with the Mark-and-Move™ system, we can build a safe Class II enclosure that meets the customer’s needs, as large or as small as they need. The software then just needs to know how far you want to go.

Check out some of the example images and talk to us about how we can solve your production problems.

Laser Workstation Options

Control Laser has a number of production-ready laser workstations available for our laser sources. From small desktop systems, to full-blown automated towers and dial-index workstations, we have an option for your application. We also have an in-house engineering team covering software, electrical, and mechanical needs as our customers specify. There’s nothing you can’t do with Control Laser as your production partner.

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