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The Tactical ArmsMark® Laser Engravers

the best firearms engraving machine used by top industry leaders

Our latest Tactical ArmsMark™ ATF compliant laser engraving machines are ideal for creating unique designs on knives, multi-tools, swords, and more. With an engraving depth exceeding ATF standards, there’s no material too tough for our systems. Create distinctive colorization and/or textures onto titanium, carbide steel, stainless steel, and aluminum; the list goes on and the possibilities are endless. Keybar, a corporate partner, uses a Tactical ArmsMark­™ system for customizing their keybars. Check out KeyBar’s instagram to see what they are doing with our laser machines.

Samples of Markings


The Mark-and-Move™ option for these laser engravers means you can increase production while also increasing quality. By utilizing the enlarged workspace in the desktop 2.5 and 3.0 workstations, operators can align a set of fixtures for marking multiple items at a time. This is also useful for marking rifle barrels using our industrial rotary.


The Lase-and-View™ feature, standard on all Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engravers, is useful for safely ensuring that your laser is operating. This feature is also useful for shop tours where your potential customers or investors can see what you’re doing with your lasers.

Powerful Laser Marking Software

Laser Marking Studio™ 3.0 has been internally developed for over 20 years. Our software is the most powerful laser software in the industry and we continue to evolve it based on our customers’ and industry needs. Packed with the essential tools to create UID tracking codes, serial numbers, and logos. The software also features a graphics importer for raster files, font and shape tools, and also supports your favorite custom fonts. More advanced features include pre-event and post-events, on-screen production messages, Visual Basic programming interface & program builder, rotary cross-sectioning tools, and much more!

Industrial Laser Systems

Laser technology can be applied to every type of industry around the world. Here at Control Laser, our goal is to equip the world with laser technology by providing solutions for every industry. Our products range from backlit button panel marking systems to CO2 wood engraving machines, we do all things laser. Contact us today to learn more about our industry specific solutions.

Free Sample Testing

Control Laser Corporation offers free in-house sample testing on parts to determine a suitable setup for your application goals, needs, and cycle times. We have a vast array of laser sources and workstations available, and a team of laser professionals waiting to build a solution to meet your production needs.

Free tests for your workpiece samples!

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