Error Proof Manager

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Error Proof Manager

The Error Proof Manager is an optional customized module in the LAS software, designed to satisfy the customer’s need to avoid mismatches between the laser processing job file and workpiece. This module works with the integrated handheld barcode reader hardware in the two following methods.

Fixture Mode:

This is when the barcode is pasted underneath the fixtures.

When an operator loads the workpiece fixture, the laser equipment will recognize it, and load the corresponding lasing job file, ensuring the correct process will be ran. This mode is suitable for mass production with limited workpiece variety.

Fixture method

Traveler Mode:

The barcode is printed next to a workpiece image in a “traveler work” instruction paper.

the operator retrieves the workpiece and instruction paper from the stockroom, travels to the laser equipment and processes the workpiece, finally traveling back with the finished workpiece. After loading the workpiece, the barcode on the on the instruction paper is scanned, then the laser equipment will pull up the lasing job file. The operator’s actions are simplified to load, scan and press the lasing button, avoiding any mismatch errors.

This mode is suitable for small batch production with unlimited workpiece variety.

Traveler method

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