Recipe Center

Control LaserLaser software

Recipe Center

A laser processing recipe consists of the control parameters for the laser source and beam delivery motion. These are settings for the filling patterns and multiple passes. Laser processing recipes do not store the axis control movement for the workpiece it was created so these can be reusable global recipes.

In the LAS software suite, the “Recipe Center is the database tool” for laser processing recipe (parameter settings) trial (?), reusable sharing.

Recipe Matrix Trial

  • 4 trial mode supported: Dot, Text, CMD file, Imported Images
  • 9 filling patterns and multiple passes supported
  • Custom set parameter trial starting and increment value
  • Custom set the trial matrix row and column number, auto adjust to max. lasing field

Recipe Reuse

  • Workpiece with property data link multiple recipes storage supported
  • Applied individually or to a group of objects
  • Custom color button for easily selecting the recipe

Recipe Sharing

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