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InstaWeld® Laser Welders

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InstaWeld®, laser spot welding solutions for every industry

The InstaWeld®

CLC’s laser welding technology rooted from the project in 2015 for transcatheter heart valve welding for Edwards Lifesciences.

Trademark registered in 2015

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InstaWeld Laser Welding Machines

Major users are medical manufacturers, mold repair and manufacturing companies, jewelry design, repair and manufacturing industry, military and sports industry.

Our InstaWeld® Customers

Edwards Lifesciences, Microendoscopy Surgical Inc., Elit Medical, and AA Medical Store

Laser Welding Applications

Laser Welding Materials

With the high peak energy and low heat effective zone, laser welding is the ideal solution for precision welding, such as welding jewelry, surgical devices, high precision military devices. Laser welding technology is not subject to material restriction. Customized laser waveform and different laser sources meet the processing needs of a variety of materials including steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, gold, silver, copper, platinum and different alloys, even plastic!

If you’re not sure if your material will weld, send it in for a free material testing study by our applications experts.

Free Material Testing Study

Laser welding of optical communication components
Complex component welding configuration

Laser Technology Refined

Application of the system can fully or partially replace arc welding, resistance welding and other traditional welding processes.

Our engineers are able to design and build custom laser welding solutions to meet your production needs. Full or semi automation is available.

Features of the Systems Include

InstaWeld Laser Welding Machines
More models available!

Our spot welders are perfect for anyone needing a precise tool with maximum versatility in welding metals. The ergonomic design helps the operator remain comfortable as they create or repair metal parts.

  • Microscope for high precision manual welding
  • Customized workstation for full welding automation
  • Special laser source for plastic welding
  • Flexible laser head for complex geometry workpiece welding
  • Vision system available
  • Automatic laser spot size adjustment
  • Protective gas welding interface
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