The RETINA® Lab Laser System


Lab Laser System

The RETINA® Lab Laser System

The Retina Lab Laser System is a fully integrated, compact system designed for Lab R&D use. The UV laser source means the system has an extremely long life-cycle and minimal maintenance costs. The system is maintenance free apart from the filter pad and processing lens.

The combination of a high-quality galvo scanner and a UV laser produces highly precise marking results in short marking time. This, together with the LMS 3.1 marking software and the available interfaces, provides a flexible and productive marking solution of the highest quality standards.

The FDA 21 CFR Class I safety enclosure is designed to meet strict FDA safety guidelines while being easy to use and nonobtrusive.

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Safe Class I Enclosure

Class I enclosure allows the operator to work without wearing the additional protective eye glasses and suit.

And the design of the magnetic interlock will stop lasing as long as the door is opened.

Powerful High Speed and Precious Lasing

Taking advantage of the photon energy of the 355 nm wavelength (cold marking), the system is capable of achieving 3.9 μm spot sizes and work spaces in excess of 200 x 200 mm. The system can also achieve up to 10,000 mm/s scanning speed with high quality galvo scanner.

Compact Design

Your all-in-one solution, no separate controller unit and computer needed.

Professional and user-friendly software

The LMS 3.1 was developed to bring out the high performance of the in an easy to use interface. Even users with no experience in laser programming can easily begin operating very complex setups.


LaserLaserPulsed UV Laser, Maintenance Free
Wavelength355 nm
Pulse Width30 ns
Beam QualityM² < 1.2
Pulse to Pulse Stability< ± 10%
Beam Circularity> 85%
Beam Divergence Full Angle< 0.5 mrad
Maximum Average Output Power3 W
Maximum Pulse Energy100 µJ
Pulse Repetition Rate10-50 kHz
Cooling RequirementWater Cooling
WorkstationOverall Dimensions (L × W × H)842 × 513 ×934 mm (33.2″ × 20.2″ × 36.8″)
Dimension of Opening (W × H)686 × 518 mm (27.01″ × 20.39″)
Maximum Workpiece Size437 × 277 mm (17.20″ × 10.91″)
Maximum Load25 kg (55.125 lbs.)
Table SizeAluminum Table 710 × 412 mm (27.95″ × 16.22″)
Z-axisManual Z-axis (Optional Automatic Door)
Z-axis Travel Distance50 mm (1.97″), 150 mm (5.91″), 220 mm (8.66″)
Galvo-SystemLens/Focal LengthF-60F-100F-167F-295F-330
Marking Area [mm x mm]22 x 2250 x 5090 x 90172x 172203 x 203
Spot Size~ 3.9 µm~ 5 µm~ 10.8 µm~ 13 µm~ 15.3 µm
Scanning Speed10,000 mm/s (472.44 inches/s)
ControlComputerIntel NUC 5i5MYBE, 8 GB RAM, HDD 200 GB, Windows® 10
InterfaceUSB 3.0
SoftwareLMS 3.1: Professional Laser Marking Software
Installation/Laser SafetyWeight48 kg (105.84 lbs.) (without Chiller, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)
Monitor: 3 kg (6.615 lbs.), Chiller: 23 kg (50.715 lbs.)
Ambient ConditionsOperating Temperature Range +15 to +30°C (50 to 86°F)
Relative Humidity Maximum 80%, Non-condensing
Electrical Requirements100 – 230 VAC,1 Phase, 15A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption< 600 W (Including Monitor and Chiller)
System ProtectionMarking Head: Sealed against Spray Water (IP 54)
Laser Unit: Dust Protected (IP20)
Laser ClassLaser Class I


HDPE Laser Marking

Due to the short wavelength of UV laser, the RETINA system can marking on some high polymer material which other kinds of laser are not able to mark on, such as, HDPE.

Micro Drilling

With the advantage of short wavelength, the UV can get smaller spot size than other kinds of laser source.

Micro Machining

Cold UV machining minimizes the heat affected zone (HAZ), improving machining accuracy.

PCB Cutting

UV laser cutting not only eliminates the effects of mechanical stress that occur during cutting such as burring, deformation, and damage to circuit components, but also reduces the effects of thermal stress found with other laser options, such as CO2 cutting.

Flexible Accessories Configuration

Three Types of Skin

Black ABS

Silver Alucobest

Clear Acrylic

Three Types of Accessories

Z-θ Table

XYR Table

Rotation Tip/Tilt Table

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