Advanced Software Program Training Course Outline

Laser Training Course

Advanced Software Programming Training Course Outline

DurationLocationLanguage# of participants
2 DaysDefault in Orlando, Fl or in customer siteEnglishMax. 2

Course Objectives

  • Independently design lasing job file by GUI and manually code if applicable
  • List the key components of laser equipment and set the correct value in LAS
  • Create complex laser processing drawings in irregular shapes if applicable
  • Manage the system role and the laser recipe database if applicable
  • Find and apply the quality improvement recipe by analyzing the lasing mechanism
  • Find and apply cycle time improvement point by understanding the performance limits


  • Finish the System Operations Training Course and Advanced Application Trial Training Course
  • Basic knowledge of software programming with advanced language
  • General technical grounding and experience of CNC if equipment configuration applicable
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Basic understanding of CAD drawings and raster images if applicable

Training Program

  • Introduction to the Laser Application Studio function modules and UI
  • System setup panel and the key hardware setting
  • LAS installment and database establishment if applicable
  • Complex parts drawing and programming problem solution
  • Manual import and examination of 2D files from other CAD systems
  • LAS system authorization management
  • Call of the preset recipe, user-defined parameters setting, or manual nesting
  • Lasing processing path optimization cycle time
  • Trial run of the lasing job file on certain appointed workpiece
  • LAS command line syntax and coding of a lasing job file applicable

Course materials (will be handed out):

  • Advanced Application Trial course folder
  • Notebook and pen

To be provided by participants:

  • Suitable Work clothes
  • Safety shoes with steep toe caps
  • DFX or DWG files on storage medium if desired

Note When including training service in your Control Laser Corp. order, Control Laser Corp. shall provide its standard training course(s) including all course materials in accordance with its current schedule.
Enrollment of purchaser’s employees shall be in specific scheduled courses and shall be determined by space availability. Unless otherwise stated in the order, all training courses shall be conducted at the Control Laser corp. facilities or the Control Laser Corp. vendor’s facility as the case may be.
Control Laser Corp. will designate the specific equipment loaded at its facility, which will be utilized during the training course. The purchaser shall be responsible for all travel, lodging, and living expenses of its employees attending the Control Laser Corp. training course(s); and shall indemnify and save Control Laser Corp. harmless against all claims for physical damage to property and personal injuries, including death, which are caused by or resulting from acts or omissions of the purchaser’s employees while on the premise of Control Laser Corp.

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