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Control Laser Warranty Programs

Control Laser Corporation has listened to your feedback and is now providing all new machines with the industry’s only Two-Year Production First Warranty™ Plan! Our customer service is dedicated to meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations. We are laser focused on customer service!

Extended Factory Warranty Plan

The standard warranty period for CLC equipment is “2 years of warranted working hours, whichever comes first”. If running 8 working hours a day, the laser source and other key components will perform well for two years or more. Beyond the standard warranty period, we offer the extended warranty plan.

The benefit of purchasing this plan is to shorten your production down time by skipping the on-call service deal negotiation and payment arrangement procedure, which enables better and more even arrangement of your businesses cash flow

We set and adjust a fair price based on the complexity and customization level of the equipment and service statistic records. Coverage includes every type of laser source, motion control module, and other necessary components.

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Previously known as: 2-Year Production First Warranty™ Plan

*After the 24-Month post-purchase period has expired, CLC will be happy to offer an extended warranty for purchase.
**Parts covered under this warranty include the laser source, galvo head, controller, computer & workstation. This warranty shall be deemed null & void if it is determined that any of these parts have been tampered with or that the product failure is a result of lack of proper maintenance.
***The customer will be responsible for shipping and travel expenses incurred by technicians. No labor costs will be charged.

Priority Assurance Agreement - PAA

To provide quick support to customers who run 24 hour continuous production with multiple CLC lasers, CLC has designed the 24-48 hour priority assurance service plan. We aim to reduce production down time as much as possible to keep your business running at full speed.

  • Guaranteed 24-48 hour service progam to avoid delays due to complex purchasing procedures
  • All parts are assembly tested, packaged, and ready to ship within 24-48 hours of diagnosis.
  • Eliminate customer backup machine stocking and cash flow planning issues
  • 10% off any parts or services not included in agreement
  • 10% off new laser equipment purchased while in the program
  • Special 24/7 phone number to bypass the service queue for immediate service and attention

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Preventative Maintenance Plan - PM

The advantages of proper equipment maintenance are increasing equipment up time, enhancing running efficiency, reducing overall cost and improving lifespan and value of equipment.

If you do not have an experienced laser technician to do the radiation safe maintenance jobs, CLC offers you an annual, or biannual even up to quarterly, PM plan which includes the following services:

  • Check and, or, Replace Desiccant Pack in laser source if applicable
  • Inspect and Clean Flat Field Lens, Galvo Mirrors and, or, Beam Collimator
  • Inspect and Clean Chiller Filter and Water Circulation System, flush if necessary
  • Check and Adjust output power of Laser Rail, RF Driver output
  • Check current command and current feedback
  • Check and Optimize Diode Temperature
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Check an, or, Replace Fume Extractor HEPA filter if applicable
  • Basic Workstation Maintenance, basic maintenance “Refresher” Training

Any problems detected with the Laser system during the inspection process of the PM visit will be documented along with the suggested corrective action. The Field Service Engineer will be available to order and install any necessary parts*.

All PM visits must be scheduled with CLC no less than three weeks prior to the requested service date. All service calls should be done between working hours** of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday unless previously arranged with CLC.

*Parts are not included in the Preventative Maintenance Package
**Additional fees may apply for service between 5pm and 8am.

Please check back for updates on our warranty information or please call our office at 407-926-3500 or contact via web form

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