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The InstaCNC

CLC’s CNC machining technology was developed in 2013 by our expert engineering team, characterized by high-speed and high-precision as well as a high price-performance ratio.

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InstaCNC 2818 (3-Axis):


InstaCNC 2818 (Premium 4-Axis):


Major users are machine shops, firearm manufacturers, and automotive manufacturers.


high-speed multi-task CNC machining center
  • More versatile than traditional machining centers
  • High speed, high precision, high efficiency, and high productivity
  • Integrated high-speed drilling and tapping functions
  • InstaCNC can not only do precise milling, drilling, thread tapping, it can also do hard metal molds machining work which used to be achieved by a horizontal CNC machine only
  • The highlights of this model are its high G-force value and high rigidness

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InstaCNC Applications

Featured Product: InstaCNC 2818

Working SpaceX-Y-Z Axis Travel710 × 440 × 380 mm28 × 17.3 × 15.0 inch
Spindle to Table, Working Distance150-530 mm5.91-20.87 inch
TableWorkpiece Fixing Area870 × 450 mm34.25 × 17.72 inch
Maximum Workpiece Weight300 kg661 lbs
SpindleMaximum Speed12,000 RPM12,000 RPM
Peak Torque & Power @1500 RPM95 N•m, 15 kW70 ft-lbs, 20.1 HP
Auto Tool ChangerTool HolderBT40 (Configure with the collet to fit both Metric and Imperial tools)
Tools Magazine Quantity2020
Tool Changing Cycle Time (Tool to Tool)0.95 Sec0.95 Sec
Tool Changing Cycle Time (Chip to Chip)2.95 Sec2.95 Sec
FeedingFeed Rate (X/Y/Z)30 m/min1181 ipm
Fast Move Feed Rate (X/Y/Z)48 m/min1890 ipm
Acceleration of Normal Feed (X/Y/Z) [0.71G]7.0 m/s²22.97 ft/s²
Acceleration of Fast Move (X/Y/Z) [1.14G]11.2 m/s²36.75 ft/s²
Positioning Accuracy (X/Y/Z)4.320/2.742/2.640 μm0.17/0.11/0.10 e-3 inch
Repeatability (X/Y/Z)2.864/1.671/3.840 μm0.11/0.07/0.15 e-3 inch
Accuracy of Interpolating Circle (XY/YZ/XZ Table)4.2/5.3/5.6 μm0.17/0.21/0.22 e-3 inch
DimensionMachine Size L × W × H (water tank included)2250 × 1920 × 2200 mm88.6 × 75.6 × 86.6 inch
Machine weight2800 kg6173 lbs
Controller & MotorControllerSINUMERIK 828D
3 Axis Servo MotorSIEMENS 1FK7081-2AF71 Synchromotor
Spindle Servo MotorSIEMENS 1PH8 Series


High Precision & Accuracy & Repeatability

Lightweight and highly rigid column structure achieve low staring load and quick response of Z-axis.

Main Spindle and relative components are designed and made based on 1.25 safety factor, normal machining work at 8000-10000 RPM remains 1.6 – 2.0 safety factor which provides extremely high impact resistance.

Structure Design and Moving Components

  • The moving components of the 3-axis are all lightweight and designed with Meehanite forge material to get the quickest response feature.
  • Precise ceramic bearing mount used to improve assembly accuracy.
  • Equipped with SCHNEEBERGER Linear Rail and top-end customized HIWIN / THK Ball Screw.

Machine Structure Design

Box-in-Box design and large span structure achieve low weight and high rigidity for the best performance.

Machine weight is 20% lighter than the competitor’s machine.

The central structure has a large O-Shape structure to significantly increase vertical and horizontal rigidity

Cast Iron Bed Structure

The InstaCNC 2818 is equipped with SCHNEEBERGER Linear Rail and top-end customized HIWIN / THK Ball Screw.

The Siemens advanced controlling system SINUMERIK 828D controls the XYZ and spindle motors. This ensures the 5-micron positioning accuracy and the 3-micron repeatability.

Dimension & Axis Configuration

Working Area

Table Working Surface:
870 x 450 mm (34.25 x 17.72 in)

Motion Performance

  • Fast Move Speed: 48 m/min (1,890 ipm)
  • Machining Speed (X, Y, and Z-Axis): 30 m/min (1,181 ipm)
  • Fast Move Acceleration: 1.14 G (11.2 m/s2 , 36.75 ft/s2)
  • Machining Acceleration (X, Y, and Z-Axis): 0.71 G (7.0 m/s2 , 22.97 ft/s2)


  • 12,000 RPM High Torque Spindle
  • 4-inline FAG ceramic bearing and float mounting structure, greatly increasing the life and precision of spindle.
  • Inline Direct-Drive by SIEMENS 1PH8 Series Spindle Motor.

Tool Holder Catching Mechanism (Patented)

Innovative design for tool holder catch

We designed, customized, and patented the tool holder catching mechanism to increase the impact resistance of the spindle to significantly increase the life span of the spindle and decrease the loss of precision.

Fastest Speed Auto Tool Changer

  • ATC: Auto Tool Changer
  • Innovative short arm tool changer designed for the fastest-changing time, low inertia force and much less impact to protect the spindle
  • Tool to Tool: 0.95 Second
  • Chip to Chip: 2.95 Second

20-Pocket High Volume Tool Magazine

Instead of the traditional funnel shape tool magazine with a maximum of 16 pockets, we designed the 20 pockets high-volume tool magazine.
Provide higher processing flexibility

SIEMENS SINUMERIK 828D Controlling System

Cloud Database
No complex Intranet setup. Data goes through the Internet and auto-shares to your smartphone and server.
Smartphone Application
Use the smartphone App to remotely manage the machine at any place around the world through the Internet

Networking Concept for Multisite Managing

Siemens SINUMERIK Integrate Architecture

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