High Power Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

InstaCut® Laser Cutting Machines

for metal sheet job shops of agriculture, construction and other heavy-duty equipment manufacturing

InstaCut®, solution for mass production online laser coding and ERP data integration.

The InstaCut®

CLC’s laser cutting technology rooted from the project in 1985 for GE.

Trademark registered in 2015

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Major users are metal sheet job shops in agriculture, construction and heavy-duty equipment manufacturing industry.

Our InstaCut® Customers

BOSCH, Mazda, Hitachi, CIMC, EPSON, Ford, Audi, Mercedes Benz, XCMG, CALTEX, Foxconn, GREE, Simens, and more!

Laser Cutting Applications

Laser Cutting Materials

With high power fiber laser sources selection, the system adapts to mild steel, tool steel, stainless, aluminum alloy, brass, copper and other metal sheet.

With high power CO2 laser sources selection, the system adapts to paper, wood, leather, rubber and more organic material plate.

If you’re not sure if your material will mark, send it in for a free material testing study by our applications experts.

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High power laser cutting machines for sheet metal

Laser Technology Refined

Application of the system can fully or partially replace the traditional mechanical, waterjet, or plasma system in punching, blanking, piercing, tapering, drilling, shearing, cutting, grooving and scribing process. It provides the solution of clean edge, cone or zero taper hole, high-quality laser cutting process, helping the equipment owner leverage capital investment into good revenue generation.

Features of the Systems Include

InstaCut Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
More models available!

The InstaCut® laser cutting machines are able to cut thick metals at high speeds offering a total solution to sheet metal fabrication shops.

  • High Speed Sychronized XY Gantry Shuffle Pallet
  • Optional Auto Focus Cutting Head
  • Compressed Air Cutting
  • Safety Light Curtain
  • Autoloading and Unloading Units
  • High Power Fiber and CO2 Lasers

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