Laser Die Cutting Machines

Laser DieCut®

for post-printing laser die cutting, blind cutting manufacturing

Laser DieCut®, the solution for die cutting print shops and other die cutting applications

The Laser DieCut

This brand featured cutting capability for printing industry with no consumable material.

CLC’s laser cutting technology rooted from the world 1st laser cutting system in 1972.

Trademark registered in 2018

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Laser DieCut Laser Cutting Machine

Major users are photo studio, printing house, individual art shop and garment factory.

Laser Cutting Applications

Laser Materials

With single high power CO2 laser sources selection, the system adapts to acrylic, paper, wood, clothing, leather, plastic, rubber and other organic material.

With dual high power CO2 laser sources selection, the system cutting range expands to 1200mm x 1200mm (47″x47″).

If you’re not sure if your material will mark, send it in for a free material testing study by our applications experts.

Free Material Testing Study

Laser die cutting cardboard packaging

Laser Technology Refined

Application of the system can fully or partially replace the traditional mechanical die cutting process. It provides the solution of clean edge, cone or zero taper hole with no consumable material, high-quality laser cutting process, helping the equipment owner leverage capital investment into good revenue generation.

Versatile Laser Machines

With this laser cutting technology, users can creatively quick building arbitrary drawing or patterns, free embossing personalized signs, non-tactile sensation surface cutting and even flying laser cutting the moving production line. Users can also select automatic loading and unloading sub-system, which significantly saves setup time and the labor cost.

Laser die cutting paper

Features of the System Include

Laser DieCut Laser Cutting Machine
More models available!

The laser die cutting machines are available in a wide range of configurations for many types of materials and processes, we recommend speaking with a sales associate for information regarding your application.

  • Color Code Sensor auto deviation correction
  • Roll to roll cutting mode
  • Flying cutting
  • Video Capture
  • Autoloading and Unloading Units
  • High Power Dual CO2 Lasers

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