Remote Diagnostics Kit

Remote Diagnostics Kit

The hardware of our Remote Diagnostics Kit includes multiple data communication interfaces to CLC equipment, the motorized optical zoom camera, and tripod. It is an economical remote support hardware and service package, which helps you to save you time, by removing the need to ship faulty equipment back to the factory for diagnostics and repair, and to get quick trouble shooting.

For software troubleshooting such as modifying the settings, correcting the coding errors in your nesting, recipe or jobs program can all be remotely resolved.

With the base of CLC in house firmware and software engineering, by our statistic data, around 90% of the diagnostic issues and 80% of non-hardware troubleshooting can be solved by this package.

Remote Diagnostics Kit - Camera

Remote Access Control

Our technicians are able to provide troubleshooting support through the use of TeamViewer. By providing an temporary access code, our technicians are able to control your machine to diagnose issues. Technicians are able to remotely access your machine to troubleshoot process parameters and custom command files.

Service Request

Please call our service department at (866) 612-8619 for scheduling a technician to remotely access your laser machine. If your company does not allow external network access, we will do our best to diagnose issues over the phone before suggesting a visit by a technician.

For purchasing our remote diagnostics kit, please contact your sales representative, or our sales main line at (407) 926-3500.

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