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Maximum $5000 trade in discount

Starting Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7. Continue to use Windows 7 based laser marking system will be out of OSHA and network security compliant and may lead to safety issues. We now provide laser systems with proprietary software developed on Windows 10 to ensure your network security and workers’ safety. You can also upgrade your laser with a maximum $5000 trade in discount. We accept any brand/model laser.

Powerful Laser Marking Software

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Laser Marking Studio™ has been internally developed for over 20 years. Now we offer the newest version – Laser Marking Studio™ 3.1 developed on Windows 10. Our software is the most powerful laser software in the industry and we continue to evolve it based on our customers’ and industry needs. Packed with the essential tools to create UID tracking codes, serial numbers, and logos. The software also features a graphics importer for raster files, font and shape tools, and also supports your favorite custom fonts. More advanced features include pre-event and post-events, on-screen production messages, Visual Basic programming interface & program builder, rotary cross-sectioning tools, and much more!

Custom Industrial Laser Systems

Laser technology can be applied to every type of industry around the world. Here at Control Laser, our goal is to equip the world with laser technology by providing solutions for every industry. Our products range from backlit button panel marking systems to CO2 wood engraving machines. We do all things laser and highly custom laser systems. Contact us today to learn more about our industry specific solutions.

Free Sample Testing

Control Laser Corporation offers free in-house sample testing on parts to determine a suitable setup for your application goals, needs, and cycle times. We have a vast array of laser sources and workstations available, and a team of laser professionals waiting to build a solution to meet your production needs.

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Contact us now and let us show you why the world’s production plants choose Control Laser for their aerospace laser marking and engraving needs. Have a sample part that we can mark? We offer free sample testing with our premiere laser applications lab. Submit a request today!

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