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FALIT® - Failure Analysis Laser Inspection Tool, pronounced as "F-A-Light"


CLC’s laser micromachining technology rooted from the world 1st wafer laser processing system in 1972. Since then, we’ve continued to evolve this technology in colaboration with our customers.

Patent and Trademark registered in 2004

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Major users are the failure analysis labs in the semiconductor industry, intelligent automotive industry, and forensic labs in law enforcement departments.

Our FALIT® Customers

FBI, CIA, USSS, Sandia lab, NavyAir, Idaho National Labs, Raytheon, Honeywell, RCMP, NSW Police, ETTK, HKSTP, AIST, DENSO, ASMO, AISIN, TOYOTA, MISTIBISHI, APPLE, FORD, Intel-Altera, CISCO, Infineon, TI, Qualcomm, NXP-freescale, On-semi, Fairchild, Vishay, ST Micro, Broadcom-LSI, Skyworks, SanDisk, Analog Devices, ASE, Amkor, SPIL, Winbond, Maxim, Micron, TDK, Torex, ROHM, Sumitomo, Yazaki, Tanaka, NJR, Hakuto

FALIT® Laser Applications

Materials in the Semiconductor Industry

It adapts to the widest range of epoxy mold compound and various types of fillers, keeping gold, silver, brass or aluminum bonding wire, the silicon, GaAs, InP die undamaged.

If you’re not sure if your material will work, send it in for a free material testing study by our applications experts.

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Computer Chip Laser Decapsulation Failure Analysis

Laser Technology Refined

This application can fully or partially replace traditional micro-drilling, sawing and chemical etching processes. The FALIT® provides fast and accurate solutions for IC de-capsulation, cross-sectioning and de-lidding, expose the insides from ceramic, KOVAR, gel and mold compound capsulation, expose defective bonding wires, observe solder ball mis-position and lamination cracks, and more evidence of failure.

Versatile Laser Machines

With the FALIT® laser micromachining technology, users can easily resolve the many challenges in IC chip failure analysis of new packaging patterns and material. This system significantly saves setup and processing time, and the cost of building infrastructure for expensive acid protection labs.

Computer Chip Laser Decapsulation Failure Analysis

Features of the Systems Include

The FALIT® comes in many configurations to meet your needs in semiconductor failure analysis. From tabletop options to multi-laser configurations. Our patented laser technology is the best solution for failure analysis labs.

Specialized Laser Source

Specialized Digital ICO Laser Source for the toughest of mold compounds. Designed specifically for this type of application to achieve the best possible results.

Continuous Motorized Zoom

High-resolution continual motorized vision system for inspecting micro components and filler compounds. Used for pin-point laser removal of mold and gel compounds.

Video Microscope

See exactly where the laser will remove compounds using the vision system. Control the exact position throughout the process.

Acid Gasket Cutting Software

Create your own gaskets quickly and effectively using the Acid Gasket Cutting module avaialable for the FALIT® brand.

We recommend potential customers to send in their materials for testing in order to configure the best possible laser system setup. Get free material testing to ensure your application will work.

FALIT® History

Semiconductor Application Experience

1972 – Invented the laser marking application for silicon wafers.

1985 – Developed laser processing and automation application for wafers.

1992 – Developed automatic laser processing system for BGA package.

Brand Establishment

2001 – CLC launched IC chip failure analysis R&D project.

2004 – Registered patent in the USA, Europe, and key Asia pacific countries.

2009 – Gained significant market share of the high-end semiconductor customer segment, FALIT become the name of laser de-capsulation and cross sectioning.

2011 – Launched FALIT software version 3.0

Brand Evolution

2010 – Developed 1st overseas distributor.

2013 – Introduced newly customized laser source to successfully handle multiple types of semiconductors.

2015 – Launched video microscope system version 4.0, resolves issue of IC de-cap and cross sectioning of super small sensors.

2017 – Launched FALIT-TRIO, resolves issue of new material used in semiconductor packaging

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