Laser Engraving for Firearms and Accessories

Tactical ArmsMark® Laser Engravers

for job shops in firearms engraving, gun parts, holsters, tactical knives, and related gear

Tactical ArmsMark® the best solution for laser deep engraving, ensuring quality compliance with MIL-STD, ATF/NFA regulations.

The Tactical ArmsMark®

It is a complete ATF/NFA regulations compliance application solution for military parts manufacturers, customization shops, and other related gear and accessories.

CLC’s laser deep engraving technology rooted from the laser engraving system customized for DOD in 1984.

Trademark registered in 2014.

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Laser engraving firearms and accessories

Major users are the military firearms manufacturers, defense engineering houses, and the job shops for ammo, gun parts, holster, tactical knives and military weapon sub-assembly.

Our Customers

FN Manufacturing, Springfield Armory, Leupold, Troy Industries, Smith & Wesson, Outlaw Ordnance, DOD, Lockheed Martin, NavyAir, Rock Island, Raytheon, Honeywell, GE Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Boeing Defense, BAE systems, Medford Knives, L W Schinder, Connecticut Shotgun, and more!

Laser Applications

Materials in the Defense Industry

It adapts to the widest range of military materials, including titanium, aluminum alloy, stainless, casted or forged steel, ABS, kydex, leather, canvas, rubber, nylon, and more.

If you’re not sure if your material will mark, send it in for a free material testing study by our applications experts.

Free Material Testing Study

Laser deep engraving firearms and tools

Laser Technology Refined

Application of the system can fully or partially replace the traditional peening, roll stamping, grooving, embossing, stippling, scribing, sand blasting, chemical etching, and color printing processes. Tactical ArmsMark® is the solution for ATF compliant, high-quality deep engraving processes. By bringing laser engraving in-house, owners will benefit from new revenue streams brought by new laser engraving capabilities while having full control over the process.

Versatile Laser Machines

With this laser deep engraving technology, users can create grain and shading patterns, engrave personalized signs, and even laser mark colors in certain types of stainless and titanium. These systems can be configured for automatic loading and unloading, which significantly saves setup time and labor costs.

2.5D Laser engraving aluminum

Features of the System Include

Maintenance Free Laser Source

Our laser sources are maintenance free, requiring no consumables or costly replacement parts.

A fume extraction system is needed for keeping the work area clear of particulates and harmful fumes.

Large Scanning Field Lenses

Our standard lens field sizes are 4″, 7″, and 12″ (11.75″). Each serving a specific function to achieve different results. Need a custom solution, contact us today.

Customized Beam Delivery Engineering

Our engineers and software developers are able to customize the beam delivery for specific applications.

Software Upgrade Options

Our software suite has many modules available for extended the capabilities of the laser. Upgrade options include

XYZR Multi-Axis Control

Our Laser Marking Studio software is capable of interfacing with multiple axis configurations. The software has built-in axis controls for moving parts under the laser or for moving the laser scanhead above the parts.

Linear Robots

Position the laser scanhead directly above parts using our industrial XYZ linear robots. Greatly increasing the marking area and angle of marking.

XYZ Linear Robot Option

This option includes an industrial multi-axis linear robot gantry system for positioning the laser scanhead above different areas in the lase field. Mark or engrave multiple parts without needing to reload the machine constantly. The enlarged workspace, work area, and lase area allows users to mark and engrave large objects.

6-Jointed Robot Integration

Part Holding and Moving

Integrate 6-jointed robots into the laser process for holding and moving parts into the lase field. Our collaborative robots (cobots) are able to be quickly programmed with new tasks for holding different parts.

Laser Scanhead on a Robot Arm

We can attach a laser scanhead to the end of our 6-jointed robot arm for customers needing this type of configuration.

Multi-position Rotary Dial Workstations

Our rotary dial workstation option is for high production, continual part marking or engraving. Parts and fixtures are placed on a rotating fixture plate divided into sections. Parts are loaded into the front and then rotate into marking position inside the machine. Our dial workstations come in 3 standard table sizes: 28″ 2-position, 36″ and 48″ 4-position. Custom sizing and configurations available upon request.

Conveyors and Pneumatic Grippers

Our engineering and software departments are able to configure our proprietary software to accept I/O signals from sensors to initiate the movement of conveyors, fire the laser, and for moving parts with pick and place pneumatic grippers.

Machine Vision Systems

Vision systems are used for positioning the engraving/marking area directly onto the workpiece using a camera and mirror system. These systems can also be used for verifying markings and for automatic positioning of the marking area using contrasting features. This configuration is ideal for high production output and for minimizing operator involvement.

Harsh Environment Protection

If your production environment is considered a harsh environment we recommend purchasing our harsh environment protection configuration to ensure all computer and laser components are safe from outside contaminates. These components are enclosed in a filtered air-conditioned box to keep dust and oil particles from damaging the system.

I/O Software Integration

Our software department is able to integrate 3rd party I/O interfaces for custom control. Contact us to discuss your needs

Tactical ArmsMark® History

Deep Engraving Application Experience

1984 – Developed the laser engraving application for forging mold of gun parts

1989 – Integrated the vibrator bowl ammo feeding automation system

1998 – Integrated machine vision system to positioning and verification

Brand Establishment

2005 – Specialized in the application team to develop the deep engraving compliance project

2013 – Established the internal ITAR isolation procedure

2014 – Registered trademark and mass marketing

Brand Evolution

2015 – Launched new laser source integration for high-quality shading of the engraved cavity

2016 – Launched LMS version 3.1 with enhanced sectioning and stitching technology

2017 – Launched 6-jointed robot integration options

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